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*celebrates a birthday two months overdue*

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  • *celebrates a birthday two months overdue*

    ::She moved slowly, ordered a drink. Not just any drink, one to celebrate her 20th. two months over due but better late than never. She had settled here, found a path but something bothered her. Something that was not right. She took the glass and settled back::

    How does one bring back a body that has been dead for 20 years?

    ::But then again, if she brought it back here itd only be 20 days old. So many years had passed here yet Saphire had still been alive 20 days earlier. Funny it seemed. She took a sip of her drink in thought, her face looking brooding and serious, something of her father showing::

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    *Sitting alone in the bar, MnT pondered over words that had been said earlier by those who had met and spoken with him there.. He had been there, simply observing life, for the majority of the day.. It was one way to keep his mind off of what would follow in two days.. Most of the faces he saw were familiar.. Regulars of the bar, fellow Sith whose names he knew, but of them, nothing more, Self proclaimed Jedi whose light could not hide the darkness within.. After all, why would they be there otherwise?*

    *However, there was another face in the bar this evening. A familiar one, but not from here.. His newest apprentice had just stepped in, and she seemed somewhat solemn.. Perhaps he would simply watch her for a moment, before making himself known.. Make sure she was in the mood for company before putting it upon her..*


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      ::Her mind wandered to Matrons face, one that held all her mothers memories. For a moment bitterness set in. Matron had known so much about her mother yet withdrew so much from the memories daughter. She wished she could have those memories...there may have been a way to do it but it was too late. She knew so little know that she thought of it. Matron had been hard, cruel and uncaring most ways, but she had been wise and did not physically hurt you, only used mind games. One thing Saharia had done was beat Matron at her own game. Beat Matron down until she had become wary. Saharia's "sister" had beaten the woman down until she had become a lunetic, left in the asylum cells to rot. Would she still be there?
      There had been a message she knew her mother left to matron, one she wanted to get out of the woman and she hoped she still breathed enough to talk.

      Saharia moved along the hall, her twelve year old eyes watching Matron turn something over in her head. She asked in her searching voice what was wrong and the woman turned to her in anger. "Im not going to be a sacrifice for you or your mother girl, never. NOW go to bed and stop following me. You have a fight in the morning, and I will watch with amusement to see which sister wins"
      Sacrifice? What had she meant? had the MUnchka juice gone to her head?

      Sacrifice, riddles, the words were riddles to be figured out.
      If only there was a way to go back and finish unfinished business. Only then did she look up and notice her master, a half smile lighting her face, a reflection of her mothers smile::

      Good day Master Miryan. I did not see you there.


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        *He recognized the expression immediately, though it was one he had not seen in quite some time.. It was amazing how much of Sapphire was evident in her daughter...*

        ... Greetings Saharia.. It is a pleasure to have chance to speak with you outside of training.. How have you been? You seem in a less than positive mood..


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          ::Saharia nodded and a small grimace reflected in her eyes::

          Lets just say there are many things I wish I'd not left unfinished where I dwelt in childhood. If there were a way...but alas. There are none.
          I lost my chance to evenge and to find..

          ::She looked at nothing, invisaging a face with bold grey eyes and a twisted smile...yes there were many things unsaid. She went back to reality and realized it seemed she'd been starign at someone, breaking eye contact with them::

          I have one who is not of blood but was grown up with sister. Her and I have...many things to sort out. As well as with Matron.

          ::She turned to Miryan and grinned, a reflection of the hidden anger in her eyes::

          But let that be as it is, how you be tonight?