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The Merc With The Mouth: Looking for Jobs (open)

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  • The Merc With The Mouth: Looking for Jobs (open)

    <font color=#C1DEFF face=arial>He had worn his long sleeve shirt today, along with unmatching pants. His buisness "attire" was hidden underneath his clothes, his gloves and Mask shoved into a buttoned pocket on the loose jacket he wore over his clothing. He didn't carry weapons today. However, he was looking for work. Wasn't there a Sith here who was too busy to do his/her own dirty work? He wasn't limiting his endeavors to Jedi hunting but rather anything that moved. If they wanted it dead, caught, roughed up, he'd do it for the right price.

    He grabbed himself a seat. Then he proceeded to sit in it lazily.

    "Come little chicadees. Come one come all, to the show that never ends," he murmered to himself, too low for anyone to overhear.

    Would someone approach him? Highly unlikely. No one knew him enough to connect his face with the bounty hunter alias, so no one knew he was offering business. Maybe he'd find someone ranting about an individual they'd rather see dead. Then he could pounce on 'em like a wild eyed cheetah, get a name, collect his payment, and have time left to see a holo movie after getting the job done.</font>