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  • In need of a Good time.

    The hired gun for many of ****** ladies, Janica walked into the bar one leg at a time. Her dress with a extra long slit in the side showed off her perfectly shaped and tanned legs. Her small frame showen by her tight waist on the dress. Her long brown hair hung low across her back and down to her hips.

    She looked around and spot the perfect place to sit. Near a window with a dim light above the table. She walked over and took her seat.

    Janica pulled her dress to the side as to not sit on the fabric. The slit showed her skin all the way up to her mid thigh. The dim light showered down upon her olive skin and face.

    A small driod wheeled over and beeped. Then a gentalmen came after it. " Dont mind this old thing. What can I get you Miss? " She noted how the man never even looked at her face but down along her bust line.

    " A bottle of J/D, a shot glass and a man for company here. Or is that order to hard for you? "

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    *Stretching his arms up over his head, Sith Lord MnT gazed down at the table at which he sat, noticing with some amusement that his glass was empty.. He had been there in the bar, going over some things in his mind for a small while now, and hadn't even noticed that he'd finished the drink..*

    *Looking around for one of the service droids, he caught glimpse of one of them, as well as one of the few actual bartenders that Rama's had to offer, just in time to hear the tone of annoyance in the voice of the woman they were serving... Following her gaze up to the servers, and back down through his, he noticed what the problem likely was, and could not help but chuckle softly.. They'd lost more bartenders from attitudes like that...*


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      Janica smiled for the first time as the Man left to get her bottle and glass. She hated when men did that. No wonder most of her clients were female. Cause of how men act, she figured most had a reason to die.

      As she sat there waiting Janica looked around and noticed a rather good looking male sitting alone. She smiled and nodded once to him, then returned to seeing what and who all was in the bar.


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        *Smiling and nodding his own greeting to her, MnT spoke, using the force to focus the sound waves towards her.. In doing such, he would not have to raise his voice for his message to reach her..*

        ... You'll have to forgive the staff, m'lady. Cultured bartenders are a rare bunch, and rather expensive as well, I'd imagine..


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          Janica looked around. She was not used to hearing voices of people unless they were infront of her or near her.

          " I'm sure they are sir. "

          She looked at the man she nodded too orignally.

          " I am Janica Desrie, who might you be? "


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            *A hand on his chest, he bowed as best he could while sitting, and after rising back up, replied..*

            ... My name's Miryan no Trunks, a Lord here at the empire.. It's indeed a pleasure to meet you, Lady Desrie..


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              " Its a pleasure to meet you. A male with manners.. My my my. "


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                *Though he tried to control it, he could not fully stop the redness of a blush from entering his cheeks.. Whether it was from the compliment, or the simple idea that he could be Without manners though, he was not yet sure..*

                ... My lady, I didn't know we were so rare.. And if we are, it's a rather sad day indeed.. Enough though, what brings you to the bar on such a nice night as this?


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                  " But indeed it might be a sad day. For you see Mr. Trunks, I have not meet a male with such manners as yours in over 5 years of my work. "

                  Janica smiled and then poored a glass of the mixture Red wine and JD.

                  " Can I get you anything? "


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                    ... Truly? Well then I must admit to being somewhat disturbed.. Not a man in 5 years who could not refrain from rudeness to those unworthy of it..

                    *He spoke the words quietly, almost as if to himself, but Janica could hear them well.. Shaking his head slightly, a smile reappeared on his face, as he continued..*

                    ... Well then I am glad to be proof that at least one of us exists still.. And I thank you for your offer, a Purple Rain might do nicely..

                    *He normally wouldn't have ordered such a drink, but he knew the bartenders made them well, they were fairly inexpensive, and on top, it would simply have been rude to refuse so gracious an offer..*

                    ... Might I join you then?


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                      Janica snapped her fingers and ordered the drink for Mr. Trunks. She then motioned for the gentalmen to join her.

                      " My my, the barkeep did get the order right. I might have to tip him later. "

                      Janica took a sip of her mixed drink and placed the glass back on the table.

                      " So tell me sir about your life here. "


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                        *Sitting down just moments before the barkeep walked over with the drink, MnT removed the black trenchcoat that he had been wearing, hanging it over the back of his seat. He wore a black tank-top underneath, his muscular form all but hidden through it, though it was obvious from his demeanor that he wore it for convinience and comfort, not for showing off..*

                        ... I think it'd swell his ego if you did.. As for myself.. Living as a Sith is.. well, whatever you make of it.. I myself train to an extent where I regularly get the chance to relax, but this last week I've been spending time off from it all..

                        *At this point he stopped, and sipped the drink he'd been stirring, the blue and red liquids mixed together into a deep purplish hue.. It was sweet, like candy, and with no bitter traces of the heavy amount of alcohol that inhabited it..*

                        ... As for yourself, what does your daily life entail?

                        ooc: gah, sorry about how long this took, being bombarded by im's from all directions tonight XD


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                          Janica looked at the man, who seemed to be rather yummy looking. He kept himself in wonderful shape. Her eyes shifted so not to seem like most men who looked at her.

                          " You work out regularly, that I can see from your apperance. I on the other hand, work out to keep my figure, I am a hired gun for betrayed women. I hunt, seduce, and kill the unfaithful. "

                          She took a drink of her own mixed drink of Red wine and Jd.

                          (( Pardon the lateness...))


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                            *His cheeks taking a slightly reddish tone, MnT smiled, unable to hide the tone of embarassment that went along wih it.. It was not bad, but he was unused to being complimented on his physique, if anything..*

                            ... Indeed, I train myself in martial arts, so a strong quick body is a neccessity.. Of course, I imagine as an assassin, the exact same rule applies..

                            *The way he said it was rather matter-of-factly, for he did not find anything wrong with her profession in the least.. He may not have any respect for those who Hired her, but so long as she was killing those who had dishonored themselves, he had no problem..*

                            ... Not that it's hard to see that it does..


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                              Janica would have smiled. But she did her best to hide her face from the comment. Although she did find it amusing he blushed.

                              " Yes it does help when I stay in shape. Makes my job easier. I get the feeling you don't approve of my work... "