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  • Everybody's Got A Price

    :: Nore entered Rama's bar, fresh from assignment. It was good to be back to this trash heap. The last job had gotten messy, and he thought he deserved a drink. He carefully made his way through the maze of lifeforms to a table in the far corner. His mind drifted back to the last assignment. His old mercenary suit had been destroyed, with him barely escaping with his life. He wondered if anyone would reconize his new look. ::

    :: The service driod rolled to a hault ::

    "A bottle of Rum, and a glass." Nore said.

    :: He scanned the bar, wondering if he would find a new assignment. They tended to pop up when he was least expecting it nowadays. But perhaps someone might be in need of ::

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    A man in a calf-length trench coat approached the mercenary, spinning something cylindrical in his fingers. On reaching Nore, he quirked one eyebrow and smirked down at him.

    "Why are you dressed like an idiot?"

    There was a pause.

    "Oh, I forgot ... you are an idiot."

    A pang of pressure was applied to Nore's throat.

    "I have caught wind of the disrespect that you exerted on your last visit here, pleb - a foolish mistake on your part."

    The ever tightening force choke hold around the mercenaries throat became now overly uncomfortable.

    "I suggest you hold your tongue here ... the Jedi may accept your moronic disposition, but we do not tolerate it."

    In an instant, the pressure died away, and a sadistic smile came over Vega's lips. He glanced to the side towards the droid that was retreating ...

    "JD, R5,"

    ... then looked back at Nore expectantly.


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      :: Nore's face showed the slight discomfort, it wasn't the first time he had been at the other end of a force choke. Listening to Vega's words Nore's face showed boredom. Pulling the top off the bottle of rum, Nore poured a glass and slid it across the table to Vega. ::

      "A man after my own all means, sit...have a drink."


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        He took the offered seat. Though it might not of shown, he was tired after practicing his Force techniques all day, and had become somewhat weary. The bottle of JD arrived swiftly, and the Sith Lord cracked it open before taking a sip.

        "What exactly are you doing here then? Do you expect to find business amongst the Sith?"


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          :: Nore smiled at Vega's decision. ::

          "You'd be surprised my friend...opportunity knocks when you least expect."


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            He wasn's disguise today. His plain clothes were a nice secret identity. It made it comfortable to be out in the open. He could hide when on the job and be a split persona when relaxing.

            His ears twitched as he overheard the two's coversation. He didn't intend to steal any work, that was against his own personal Bounty Hunter's Creed. But maybe he would approach this bulls-eye masked man later, offering a partnership in whatever job he might recieve. THAT was good business.

            Plus, if nothing else, he'd find out how the Sith were doing in terms of Bounty's now adays. Did they even solicit for mercs anymore?

            He continued to listen in....


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              "I can assure you that we don't need the likes of yourself to carry out our wishes ... if we need someone dead, we'll go murder them ourselves."

              Vega spoke with a smug smile.


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                :: Nore watched with amusement. ::

                "Fair enough."


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                  "Plus, it looks like you have competition everywhere," he said, raising one hand to gesture lightly back towards Jacen.


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                    "Competition...?" :: Nore's voice trailed off. ::

                    :: Nore paused and looked at Vega. ::

                    "Mr. Van insult me with such a comment. I assure you...there is no competition."


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                      Vega smirked and looked back over his shoulder at Jacen, before turning to Nore again. He glanced downwards and laughed softly.

                      "You're right ... He doesn't seem to be up to much."

                      Vega now spoke to Jacen, without looking at him.

                      "Isn't that right, boy?"


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                        I stood behind Jacen playing about with my hair flipping it from my eyes, watching my friend Vega do his normal things he liked to do. Jaces was not to know i was anything to do with the blonde man at the bar and continued listning.

                        ' Eves dropping i should rearly be more carefull where you stick your might just get cut off....a fair warning indeed' and that it was, i gave a small sercastic grin when Jacen turned to view myself.

                        ' Oh carry on....' again..the quircky "Sieken" smile as it was known showed itself again


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                          Jacen laughed. These Sith were full of themselves alright. They made him want to throw-up.

                          "Blah, blah, blah. I'm just a mild mannered information broker. No reason to be threatened by me.... or think I'm competition..."

                          He turned to face Vega.

                          "By the way, name's not 'boy'. And unless you're thirty six, I'm older than you, sonny. Anyway, you're not showing you're granderous Sith honed maturity by rousing latent emotions from bargoers. So, lay off, please."

                          These Force Users... so sure they can 'sense' things. Made it hard for a bounty hunter to be incognito.

                          "By the way, for pure morbid curiosity, why the heck not hire a merc? They do other things than kill people you know."


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                            "There is nothing that you can do that I could not do a hundred times better," he said with a smile.


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                              :: Nore kept his eyes on Jacen. 'mild mannered information broker'. Liar. ::