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  • A Dark Figure Enters...

    <html>::Nikka walks in the bar slowly, drawing her cloak closely around her, keeping her head and eyes low, the darkened hood keeping her face obscured from the light. Silently she looks around and spots the empty table in the back that she remembers from some time ago. Remembering her times in here with old friends, she smiles briefly underneath her hood then walks slowly over to the booth seat and sits down. Looking around once again, she was hoping someone she knew would be present. Now, as she sees noone at the moment, she remains silent and isolated from everyone else, paying no heed to the loud noises coming from around her....:</html>

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    Dyne was sitting silently towards the back of the bar. Nothing unusual for him, being low-key and shrouded in the shadows nearby. His face can still be seen somewhat as he noticed his old friend take a seat. The knight awaited to see if she would notice his presence or not. Taking a sip of his drink, he placed the crystaline glass on top the table again.



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      ::Nikka suddenly began to feel a strong vibration coming from the back of the room as she looked up. The server droid approaches her table with a drink sat upon its tray for her moments after placing an order. She looks toward the area of where the strong presence emanating from and lowers her hood, finally wanting her presence to be known. Long red hair spills down her back and around her shoulders; piercing green eyes blaze toward this location. Suddenly a smile falls upon her face as she recognizes who he is.

      I didn't even think he would recognize me after all this time.... She thought to herself.

      As she takes a sip of the drink, she waves her hand subtly toward him, silently mouthing the word "Hello."


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        Dyne leans into the light ray and nods to her slowly. He motions his hand towards him, telling her to join him at the table.


        He said one word, lightly and then leaned back into his chair. The knight awaited for her to join him with a drink so they could catch up on things.


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          <html>::She smiles lightly, then takes the drink glass in her hand, getting up from the booth. Many thoughts were racing through her mind as she approached him. What she felt for him seemed to remain hidden deep within her. As she stood at the table, she wraps her robe around her closely, still holding her drink in her hand, she speaks in a soft tone...::"Dyne.... it has been a long time.


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            Dyne waved his finger slightly, pushing a chair out for her via the force. He motioned for her to sit while taking another small drink.

            " has."

            The bar was not too busy for this time of the night. Putting the glass down on the table, he spinned it around slowly while looking at her.

            "How have you been...?"


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              <html>Sitting down in the chair that slid on the floor, Nikka smiled once again at him. She placed her drink down on the table, looking straight in his eyes and she was amazed how he had not changed very much in so many years. Nikka on the other hand had changed. A strange metamorphosis took place in the time she had left. Her hair began to change in color to a brighter red than before; her eyes to a bright and fiery green from blue. As she began to speak, her voice seemed be more dark, twisted and evil yet still feminine."I have been well considering... how about you?"


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                "You know how it is with me..."

                Dyne just downed his drink after finishing the sentence. He leaned back into his chair, letting the shadows conceal him once more. He did notice that she looked a bit different since they last met. The knight snapped his fingers, motioning for a refill on his drink. He patiently awaited for the patron to stop by again while turning his attention back to her.


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                  <html>She nodded slowly in understanding. But it was almost as if what she sensed in him was a little deeper than before. "I... I am sorry I had to disappear so quickly. I just didn't want to burden anyone here with my pregnancy..."Looking down at her drink, she suddenly began to appear sad in her eyes. Recent events had affected her more than she had let on.


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                    Dyne didnt wish to pry into her business, making things more uncomfortable then it already was for Nikka. The knight did notice her becoming depressed all of a sudden. He decided to quickly add something else into the conversation, in an attempt to divert her thoughts. He didnt know if it would be successful or not, but it was worth the try nonetheless.

                    "Its fine...I suppose you are eager to get back into the regular regiment at TSE?"

                    The patron came over to Dyne as he looked at Nikka. He ordered the tender to refill his drink. Dyne decided to ask her if she wanted to get a refill on her drink as well.

                    "Need a refill?"


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                      She nods to the patron and pushes her glass to the side, a signal for her to refill it.

                      "Thank you."

                      She sips from the glass once again. She buries the feelings within her once again, trying not to make it so obvious about her recent loss...

                      "I am looking forward to rejoining the Empire... I now realize what I could have gained here. But instead, I ran..."


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                        "I am sure it is fine as long as you have realized your true place."

                        A smirk forms on his lips as a glimmer of light shines upon the lower part of his face. Dyne's eyes spark a bright red momentarily before turning back to normal. He puts some credits on the patrons tray before letting him go. The knight turns his attention back to Nikka yet again.

                        "The Dark Side is very powerful...bask in it"


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                          <html>"As I have always done."She nods to the patron as he walks away from their table. Turning back to Dyne, she smiled at him. Coming back here began to stir up more feelings, but she had to bury them now. Nothing should be allowed to distract her from what was to come.She sips from her drink again, smirking at the thoughts that came to mind.</html>


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                            Dyne arches his eyebrow at her, noticing her thinking to herself. He takes a drink in hopes that she would enlighten him as to what she was thinking.



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                              She noticed the look from him and smiled again...

                              "Sorry if I seemed to have drifted off.... but just being here stirs up so many feelings..."