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  • Time never stands still..

    **Sukura trudged in, heaving a heavy, yet satisfied sigh. She hadn't been around the bar for so lone, she had been so busy with so many things. Too many things to keep track of, she had always been on to delay things untill the last minute and it was getting to her. However she had taken just a moment and sat herself down at the bar counter, with a smile on her face.**

    "A simple water if you please.." Sukura asked.

    **The bar-tender handed her her drink and she payed for it. She took a long sip from it and then wiped her mouth with her sleeve, much like a young child, but she checked her self and ran her fingers through her flame red hair and turned around in her seat looking at the busy bar of Rama's.**

    "It almost feels sorta like home, If I had ever had one.." She whispered to herself and smiled brightly, for a Sith anywho.

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    ::Saharia moved silently beside the woman and asked for the jawa juice and looked at the sith::

    The only home is home you make in self. Besides, when are with own you be at home.
    Id offer you drink but you seem to already have one.

    ::She sipped the red juice and looked around, what you was home was where loyalty lay. Little time here had proven somewhat a loyal bond. She put the glass down and grinned::

    Saharia. you?


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      **Sukura blinked as a voice sounded next to her she turned to face the woman who sat next to her, she was new or, remotely new to Sukura. However Sukura turned towards the woman and smiled.**

      "Home is not what you make in yourself, If I lived within myself, I'd live in complete chaos and hate, Mixed emotions and not yet forgotten loves and hatreds burn inside, I make my home where there are many others to pay attention to so I don' have to listen to what lies inside me."

      **She waved her hand pointing to all the people**

      "All these people, they are part of a family, a family of many races, ethics and minds. I am part of that family and my Guardian, Eve Siren is like my elder sister, she watches out for me, each of us has a protector, Much like a mother or father. The people make the family and home, not the house or land on which it lay...."

      "And my name is Sukura, it is a pleasure to meet you"


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        Re: ...

        ::She smiled and nodded. She looked inside because what you were was what you showed in turth, but the home was the people. She had said that but her inability to adapt to the new speech patterns in this realm werent going so well. The people also made the atmosphere and the atmosphere here was one similar to that of a home::

        And I you. I have not been long here and do not know many of people that dwell here, but it has a feeling.
        How long have you dwelt here?


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          "Long ago I dwelt here in the many halls. I trained under Nuriko Sha and became a Sith Warrior, a while back, then I left because I felt I didn't belong, I had given up and for a time I dwelt with The Dark Dragoons, to them I still owe my loyalty as well as the Sith. Here I am but a warrior, there I am a Council Member, a leader. After a long time I was asked to try again by a good friend of mine and that is what I did. Now I train under a close friend of mine, Eve Siren. I left and I have returned so I am just as new as you are alot has changed..."

          **She sighed just slightly, seeming to get lost in the past for a few moments.**

          "However, change can bring wealth, power, and prestige and for those things do I strive for..."


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            Re: ...

            ::Saharia smiled::

            Power is a thing most want, me being one. To be known is another, have a name written in fear or respect or power.
            But strength, strength that radiates from a being is what I someday wish for. That feeling you get when someone powerful walks past and one must look at turn.

            ::A feelign in her stomach made her notice the food about::

            Hungry? I shall shout.


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              **Sukura blinked and then let out a kind, melody-like laugh, that made one feel sorta warm. It was sorta of odd coming out of her, her looks being slightly on the darkside. Saharia was just about to yell loudly when Sukura said.**

              "No need to shout my friend. You simply just raise your hand slightly and make eye contact with your server, although shouting would work...."

              **She laughed again and smiled**

              "But yes I am sort of hungry."


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                Re: ...

                ::Saharia smiled and did just that, ordering a burger. Whatever they brought out as long as it had meat.
                She looked at Sukura for what she wanted and waited for her order. When the orders ahd been doen she paid in advance, hating to leave things to the last minute and waited for the meal::

                I still think shouting would have been more efficient.

                ::Saharia smiled with a glint in her eye but then looked at Sukura::

                Where were you originally from?


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                  **Sukura ordered a simple Oriental Salad, she was not a meat lover. But she thanked Saharia for paying for her. And she then returned Saharia's smile.**

                  "Thanks for paying..."

                  **Sukura's smile faded slightly as Saharia asked her where she was from, she blinked a few times and replied in a slightly saddened tone.**

                  "I am from No Where, I have no family left. My real family I never knew and my adoptive mother...well she left me but we still keep in touch. I have no family I come from No Where I am forgotten...I do not know anything of my is something I fear I will never know.."

                  **She looked down at her feet and then looked back up at Saharia**

                  "And you, where are you from..?"


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                    Re: ...

                    ::Saharia smiled a little, a bit cold and a bit saddened as well::

                    Im not from this realm. I come from planet call Sharad. There be a lot of differences, perhaps good.

                    ::A light flashed in her eyes at that thought, but she half smiled and continued::

                    I had mother, but she died. She was a sith here. My father still lives but he is on the other lines of the forceline.
                    Do not worry, I not know much of my mother either, only what I have been told. Sometimes the past presents itself in the most of unlikely ways.


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                      "I am sorry to hear you lost your mother, it must hurt sometimes.."

                      **Sukura nodded half to herself half to Saharia**

                      "I just wish I knew a little bit more, then I wouldn't have to depend on flash backs..."

                      **Sukura winkled up her nose and crossed her eyes**



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                        Dyne walked into the tavern, as rain was splashing onto the ground outside. A lightning streak went across the sky, lighting him up from the back and showing his shadow, which was the only thing darker then him at times. Some drops rolled down the front of his hair and the side of his cheeks. Taking a moment for the rain to clear off, he walked in. The knight took a brief second to glance around before sitting at the bar counter. A hood was still covering his head so he took it off slowly, revealing his face.

                        "Anything hard..."

                        Thats all Dyne said to the bartender then looked back at the counter. He silently sat there, waiting patiently for his drink. He was thinking about a few things clouding his mind lately.


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                          Re: ...

                          ::Saharia smield at that. Yes memories were bad, they shaped you like a saw shapes wood::

                          I never really knew (her), only of her, stories. Tales.
                          I guess You miss a ideal you have of somone, but you dont miss what you dont remember having. You only yearn to have it. Kind of like power.

                          ::She looked upon another man who had walked into the bar, and half smiled pleasently, inviting him to join if he wished for company. Turning back to Sukura she nodded::

                          There are ways for finding the past, sometiems a path to the past presents itself and you may find good or...

                          ::She left that unsaid and ate a piece of her burger then swallowed::

                          I guesses without memories you be a body with no scarres or evidence that you have lived.


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                            **Sukura, ran her clawed hand through her hair, moving her flame red hair out of her eyes and to the sides of her pale slender face. She blinked a few times at the stranger, but after a a quick moment she smiled to herself, it was Dyne, she hadn't seen him in so long. A rush of friendly warmth ran through her as the memory of a slightly forgotten friendship ran through her mind. She then turned her gaze towards Saharia again and said.**

                            "You may find good or...bad or wretched or darkness and hate...and so many more things that can rip apart even the strongest. But like I have said a few times..The past is meant to be forgotten..if you really think about it"

                            **Sukura however only believed in half the things she said and nodded in agreement with the last thing Saharia had said.**


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                              Dyne turned around to notice the familiar Force presence and saw Saharia and Sukura conversing. He took the glass given to him by the tender then lifted it towards them, giving a slight bow of his head. The two motioned for him to come over and join them in a drink. He was much obliged and went over to take a seat with the two. Coming up to their table, he looked at both with what seemed like a small smile.

                              "This seat taken?"