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**Chuckles as she once again enters Ranmas**

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  • **Chuckles as she once again enters Ranmas**

    **She walks in trailing her cape behind her her stunning green eyes looking about the room. She bit her lip as she sat down as usual in the back**

    And i thought i'd never come back to this place.. Kind of funny what your kids'll make you do.

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    ;; The lone Sith trails in behind Kooan, only moments after. He follows in her wake, stepping up to the bar to pick up a glass of red wine for himself and his companion before striding down to where Kooan has sat down. ;;

    "Thought you might want this,"

    ;; He says, handing her the drink, smirking a bit. ;;


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      **She looks up and a smirk grazes her lips. She takes the glass of red wine and takes a small sip before setting it down. She waves her hand at the empty chair at the other side of the table. She then throws her hair out of her face studying Lysanders expression**

      How kind of you to think of me. **Smirks then laughs**
      Have a seat, would you? I came back to do nothing in this place as usual and just wait for a wedding to start. I think i might be a bit early. Like a week or so.


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        ;; Drops down onto the seat with a soft thud, swinging his legs up so that his metal-clad boots are on the table top; with one ankle crossed over the other. ;;

        "No harm in being a little early for this sort of thing, eh?"

        ;; He takes a swig of the wine, his face twisting at the taste. ;;


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          **Laughs** Sounds like you really enjoyed that wine. True, weddings are always nice to be early to. **Looks around** It's sure empty these days. Back when i cared, it was usually pretty full. I wonder what happened. **Shrugs then takes another sip of the wine savouring the taste**