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  • A Drink

    Janica returned to the bar she had visited the other night. Nothing went wrong so she didnt worry. Janica had a rather interesting conversation with a man named MnT.

    She looked around and didnt see him right off, so she was not sure if he was there or not. If so she was sure he would say hello to her.

    Janica ordered her mixed drink of Wine and JD. Not many people could stomach the difference in taste of the two. But she seemed to enjoy it. She took a table seat that over looked a window outwards. So a large building.

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    Standing at the bar the solitary figure glanced down at a glass full of a red liquid, gently he swished it at around than took a gulp of the stuff. Clad in a dark cape that flowed around his body he did not pay much heed to the busy bustle of the talkative patrons.

    He did not care to socialize with them if there was nothing to gain.

    Not like once long ago but as someone had once told him he was a professional loner by trade. Able to kill anyone at the drop of a hat if there was someone foolish enough to annoy him or go against his way of things.

    Holding up the glass he grinned as he turned around to take a view of the bar.


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      Janica was sitting alone looking out the window when something begged her to look in wards at the bar. There she saw him a Man of Sophistication, poise, and Deadly intentions.

      She would never figure out why the deadliest of people always wore black. Not that it mattered she had on black today. And her hair had changed. It was for a job she had just finished.

      Her catch was partial to Blondes. And Janica hated to have to die her hair. But she did what was needed for her work.

      Her eyes shined as she saw the man, they may have for all she knew caught his attention. The small driod rolled past and left another glass of her mixed drink.



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        People shifted about chatting away endlessly, laughing and playfully hitting each other in jest as they swallowed their drinks. Random people with boring lives that offered nothing of anything worthy to note or bother with. A woman walked past him with burning red hair, he gave her only a passing glance as he considered sinking his fangs in her neck to drink.

        None of them had the slightest speck of individuality about them. Inconsequential life forms with no purpose or great future ahead of them. The only adventure they would meet would be death.

        There sitting at one table was a woman with blonde hair who was looking at him. Bringing up his green eyes to meet hers he studied her, wondering what her purpose here was. For a drink. To find companionship. To lose herself in the midst of scum. Or was she here for a more ominous purpose.

        His green eyes dug into her threatening to uncover the truth. The gaze of a vampyre was alluring and both hypnotic, only a few ever could break from its grip, he stared into her eyes unforgiving.


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          Her eyes meet his and they felt like they were on fire. Something of him. Its intense.

          She didn't blink then all of a suddon she did. She shook her head for a moment then for some reason looked right back at him.

          Janica said nothing but she smiled. Then looked at the empty seat across from her. Lifting her drink to her lips she took a much needed one.