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  • The Madman's Musings (open)

    Jodah stepped in, slipping silently beyond the throngs at the bar and front seating to a small, booth-wrapped table towards the back. He sat in the shadow lef by the dim hanging light fixture, leaving only half of his face revealed. The serving droid's optical mechanics mistakenly took him as a part of the shadow, and the softly whirring construct passed his table by. He pulled out his own drink, a thick bamboo flagon with a clay seal over the top, and broke the seal, almost instantly taking a long drought from the strong liquid. It coursed down his throat like liquid fire. Then, he watched as people flocked to and fro, along their merry ways, and he thought. He mind wandered, from inventions to training to fighting to...too much to explain. He simply thought, hoping secretly for someone to notice him and perhaps strike up a conversation. He had always thought he loved thinking, but thoughts can trick the mind. He waited, devoid of expression, praying for a release.

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    Prayers are answered...
    Shadows whispered into the warriors ear as the darkness of Sith Disciple Lana Westbrooke approached him slowly. Eyeing the man curiously, she stood a little ways away from his table, concealed in the black of her shadows.

    "...Would you mind if I were to join you...?"


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      Jodah smiled warmly, opening his hand and gesturing to the almost empty booth. "Not at all, milady. Have a seat. The serving droid seems to have missed the table, if you'd like something I can flag him down...?" He raised his eyebrow in question.


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        Without hesitation, Lana took in the offer and sat down within the booth. She blinked slowly and turned her gaze to look upon the warrior, smiling little in return of his kindly gesture.

        "Thank you, but I won't be needing anything for now."


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          He nodded slightly in return, returning his hands to the table. "Suit yourself. If you'd like something later, feel free to just call him over." He smiled. "So, what brings you here?"


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            "It's always fate's doing. Such a wondrous thing."

            Lana crossed her hands politely across her lap and looked into the depths of the bar silently. When she had entered, she felt a strange aura emit off the man. Now that she was nearer, the feeling grew stronger. She wondered why.

            "...And you? What brings you here?"


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              Jodah nodded, giving a faint smile. "Indeed it is. I come out of..."He paused "Thought, I suppose. My quarters is nice but a dark table in a quiet corner seems much better to me." His smile widened a bit "Either way, though, we are here, no? How fares your training at the moment?"


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                She cracked a smile and laughed lightly.

                "Getting my *** whooped, as usual. What do you expect with a master like Dara?"

                Idly, she played with the sleeves of her shirt and reminisced on her training. Though progress was still young, she'd felt as though she was growing stronger with each passing day.

                "...Training is always good. Keeps me busy when there's nothing to do. I kinda restrained myself from visiting the taverns as often as I used to, also. I have no clue why.

                "...What of you? How is your training?"


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                  He nodded at her comment, smiling at her comment about Dara. "At the moment, my training is a bit subdued. Lord Snack has said he's working on some sort of group training, but I've heard nothing for a while now. I'm waiting, though."


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                    She also nodded, in understanding, to Jodah's reply.

                    "Yeah... Patience is a virtue. I'm glad you're one of the few who bear it."


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                      Jodah laughed almost ironically. "Can be a curse at times, but is more often a virtue, yes. A hundred years will teach a man far better than a hundred whips." He grinned and spoke again, seeming to change the subject unexpectedly. "Are you expecting to be promoted soon?"


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                        "I'll let fate also be the judge of that, my friend...
                        Promotion... It's a mere title change. I think that it's skill that determines the true title. But that's just me."

                        She combed her fingers lightly through her short brown hair and looked again at Jodah, smiling somewhat.

                        "...So long as I'm gaining skills and not lacking them. I'll stive for the best... And I won't settle for anything less than that."


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                          "Indeed. A wise choice, milady. Your words speak much of your character." He jumped subjects again. Jodah had never been much of a conversationalist. In his long life, talking had never been nessescary, only the sword to back up the few words you may have made. "This may seem an odd question, but what all do you use in battle, as far as weapons and gear?"


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                            "Ah... Doing your homework, are we?"

                            The disciple grinned and laughed quietly, getting back to the topic.

                            "I only wield a single-bladed saber as a weapon. As for attire, it's light-weight cloth from my home planet. No ordinary cloth, however. It's very strong. But alas, it only covers so much of my body. The uncovered parts... well, I bear the pain if struck there."


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                              He chuckled at her comment. "Ahh, very well. Just curious. You never can be too careful, you know." He laughed to himself and winked at her playfully. "No, no, I'm just always curious. Old habits are hard to break, I suppose."