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  • i need a drink!! (open to friends and family)

    *demon walked into the glomy sith bar and found herself a seat by a window.she reached over her shoulder and grabbed her son lasairian* you little heathen...*demon grinned as lasairian gurgled happily at her,his eyes ,the same color as hers,flashing with mischief.demon sat down and waited for a server droid to come and get her order* hmmm...been a long time since i've been here...*she looked up as her dragon companion slinked over to her side.kenoki was huge.he was the same size as tempist and still growing* kenoki, know better than to come in here.thye'll try to either eat you or hurt you and that will probably led to me getting a fight and hurting people...ah who gives a damn?sit down and stay put.*demon watched kenoki lay down beside the table and had to hold lasairian to keep him from leaping out of her lap to kenoki*hey now small one..hold yer horses

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    (blade the warrior walked into the bar and sensed a presence that he had sensed since who knows when. he looked around the bar and saw the patron that made his senses go wak it was demon night and with her was someone or something that blade did not recognize. then blade decided to go to demon and say hi. as he walked up close to here he spoke.)

    Long time no see?


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      well hey there blade babe..been long time since i've seen your ornery *** in awhile*demon put lasairian down by kenoki and stood up and wrapped blade in a bear hug,she stepped back and pointed to a seat8 sit down and meet my son lasairian oops..*demon sat down and smiled warmly at him*


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        Satine walks in, and immediately sees Demon.

        "Demon!" the platinum haried Jedi calls, walking towards her. "How ya been?"

        As he nears the dragon, Satine winces when his Scrat--a companion he had gotten a while ago--named Serenas decides to claw up his shoulder in fear.

        "Easy little one. Here. Calm down." Satine says, giving the little squirrel-like creature an acorn. He smiles as he walks closer to Demon.


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          (blade looked at demon who had not seen in forever and now she had a son One question popped into his mind to ask.)

          So who was the lucky guy?

          (then the jedi satine walked in. blade didn't like this one but then he never did care for jedi but he saw that demon excepted him so blade just gave him a dirty look and left it at that and sat down.)


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            *demon pale blue skin turned a slight pinkish color at blades question* um tempist opps...i kno..i kno.why did i chose him of all people and not you huh?*demon was teasing blade when she caught sight of her favorite jedi.* hey lil' man whatcha been up to?


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              "Not much here De. Just got a new pet, and basically just annoying people. What about you?"


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                (blade smiled at demon's comment about her babies father.)

                So temps is the father I haven't seen Him in a while.

                (blade listen to satine and replied sarcastically)

                annoying people is about right.


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                  och..harshness blade! ah well thats temps for ya...well get you *** over here and talk to me...*demon nodded to the table the farthest away from blade*


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                    "Yes Blade, annoying people. You Sith just seem so easy to annoy..."

                    Satine gives the Sith a cheeky grin.


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                      but i wanst easy to annoy....i miss slayn and fali's company..along with the monkeys too


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                        "De, you're the exception because your almost as nuts as I am."


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                          (blade came to the table and sat down. he said nothing at first then spoke.)

                          You want anything to drink demon night

                          (blade begrudgingly said.)

                          How about you Jedi.


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                            "Well, first off call me Satine. Or Alpha. And second, I'd like a cup of klah, please."


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                              a bottle of jd please.what the hell?..i am crazier then you are alpha!blade please watch lasairian for me?*grabs alpha and drags him over the table and pokes him in the side* dont lie to me about being crazy....*drops alpha and leans to pick up lasairian*oh and a bottle of warm milk please