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Something has over come Dark

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  • Something has over come Dark

    :: Dark stormed into the Bar. He was filled with rage so great you could see his vains poping out of his neck. He just got word today this his sister was killed right after he left the cloud city. Dark knew who did it to. It was His foster parents out-raged at him for running away. He tryed to bring her with him but she wouldn't go because she thought that that person was telling a lie about there parents. But it was to late now to save her. This was just another reason why he want's to get trainedfast to revenged the deaths of this real parents and now his sister.

    So he sat down at the bar and ordered a bottle of beer to calm him down alittle. When a hand came down on his shoulder. ::

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    :: It was Joanna Shadow Darks sister that he thought was dead. When dark saw her he was amazed. ::

    "Hello Dark it's been awhile hasn't it. Since you ran away. You know I almost died because of you."


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      :: Dark was Shocked but there she was Joanna Shadow his sister. So h put his beer aside::

      " But I thought you were dead. Well that's what thy told me anyway. What happened."


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        "Well right after you left our Parents tought that I was going to leave to like you did to become a sith. SO they tryed to kill mesothere would be one lease sith in the world. Butthey almost did but they severly hurt me and they left me for dead. They passed it like I fell into the power generator and died. But while they thought I was dead I left the city and went to find you and that's why I'm here. It took me awhile but I finally found you."


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          " Well I'm glad your not dead... So are you going to join the Sith like I did? If you are should go to the recrutment area right now. For I have to go to train and I'll see you later. "

          :: With that he left some money on the table for the beer and left without the anger he walked in there with but walked out with confidence that when the time comes he will destroy his foster parents with the help of his sister. ::


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            :: Well Joann would just do that she will join the Sith Empire to train for the same gol as her brother. To kill there foster parets. With that joanna to left the bar and headed toward the Recrutment center. ::