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  • Alienation (closed)

    Lord Van-Derveld sat at his usual table, with a JD gripped in one had. Quite visibly he was feeling tense, and as a result his posture was rigid and beast-like eyes held a certain sense of subtle rage that was not often seen. He was, unusually, rather brooding looking.

    On occasion, he would sip the drink he held, but in the most part remained still, keeping an ever vigilante watch on the entrance to the bar. This eve he was expecting company, and for once it wasn't a female. A recent aqquisition of his had been summoned here to meet him for dinner, and a little lesson in manners.

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    Hmm...I dont like the feel of this place...why did that fool have to go and loose me in a card game...against a Sith!

    Arkasai had arrived at the beckon call of his new master, a Sith named Vega...apparently he was a Lupine, but that did not worry Akita, his own heritage was Lupine also...the only thing that worried him was that his new 'master' had shouted into his mind from quite a distance.

    Damn force witches!

    His feet and the small but quite painfull compulsion put upon him by the mysterious Vega drew him to the door of a bar...even the most useless nose could have caught scents from the other side of the door...but the wolf genes amplified Arkasai's sences...the scent was suffocating from the outside, not knowing how he was going to survive inside he pushed the door and crossed the threashold.

    Somthing took hold of his being and drew him inside, his head turned at the wim of another and Akita could see the voice in his head, and apparently his new master (drink in hand) waving him over to a table.


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      "You arrived here much faster than I imagined you would, Akita. Congratulations."

      With a thin serpentine smile, he rose up his glass in the form of a toast.

      "Do have a seat. I imagine you will be wanting a drink, or undoubtably something to eat?"

      He did not wait for a response, but instead called the service droid over.

      "Order, and make it quick. I have much I wish to discuss with you."


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        Turning to the droid.

        "Jack and coke and the largest, rarest piece of dead animal you have."

        The droid moved off and returned with a glass of dark liqour and a plate of warm rare steak.

        " lord...I assume that is how to address you?"

        He paused, seeing the expression on the big lupines face.

        "Why am I here?"


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          "You're here because I wanted you to be," Vega said stiffly.

          "You are now under my command, you see, and therefore have to bow to my whims."

          With this said, Vega could see anger contorting Akita's face.

          "But this evening, you are here to see the group to which I belong ... the place that has given me the strength I have."


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            Leaning back, Arkasai sipped his drink.

            "I am lord, Im always interested in the source of powers."

            Uncertanty clouded his face.

            "What will this entail, I have little to do with force users, I hardly have anything to do with humans unless im hungry?"


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              "We here are all Force users, Arkasai. It is a collective of those who use the Force for their own devices ... for darker purposes."

              Vega sneered, "Killing and the like. Your type of thing."

              He leant back in his chair somewhat.

              "You will find few like us here, though. My son, and another named Chaos, are the only others."


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                "I am not entirely surprised my own pack was killed...just for us,"

                The big lupines face again darkened like a thundercloud.

                "Fear not....I think I still have a finger bone from one of the hunters..they didnt expect to get persued, especially by a cub of ten years."

                His face split into a reminiscent grin as from a pocket in his tatty suit he pulled a single worn digit, he slid it across the table for examination.

                "And yes my lord, I do enjoy killing, very much so, could you direct me to a fresher source of potential victims after we are finished here, this meat is a little over done for my taste."


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                  He picked up the finger bone, inspecting it with a fleeting glance before dropping the trinket back onto the table top.

                  "My pack is few and far between because I eliminated them."

                  He closed his eyes for a moment, remembering the bloody tears of his grandparents and repelling screams of his elder brother.

                  "As for your meat, is that all your life depends upon? Scraps of food?"


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                    "Its a start to giving life meaning...isnt it?"

                    He pocketed his finger.

                    "We are...after all wolves."

                    He snorted and ate the last of his meat...and slugged his drink.

                    "Well, im sure if I survive you, I will benifit hugely from this little tour."


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                      "Food should not be considered a source of meaning, even if our kind has evolved from those who live for it."

                      Vega opened his eyes once more.

                      "You are not a degenerate common beast, you are more than that. Granted, you cannot contend with the likes of me," he added snidely.


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                        "AHH..there you are!" Arkasai exclamed

                        "One of the corner stones of our heritage, the need to contend and the need to unnessicarily display power to beings that have no interest in youre position."

                        Sitting up in his chair,

                        "You see we are not so dissimilar, you havent totaly divorced youre lupine roots."

                        Satisfied, Arkasai realxed again.


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                          "I did not ever deny myself my roots, for I have created them. My base is withered and winnowed, and I am all that remains, the highest generation. All that is left is below me," he said with pride.

                          "The Garou run rampant through the Jedi, but Lupine are rare ... higher."


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                            Akita spat a lump of gristle onto the floor and snorted derisivly.

                            "You have been amongst these ego maniacs too long, any Lupine knows that a lone wolf is a faliure, a strong family is the only thing that keeps an alpha in power, the pack is all and everything."

                            During the conversation a droid had refilled the glasses, Arkasai slugged his new drink before resuming.

                            "And you say you winnowed youre roots, then what supports you, the tallest trees can be felled by light gusts without roots to support it, but as you say, creatures like you and I are rare, and therfor we have a certain status."

                            He bared his white teeth in a grin.


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                              "My pack is the Empire. I did not need those infidels that came before me ... the alpha was manipulative and ill-willed, and his beta a slobbering fool."

                              Vega smiled darkly under the veil of shadows that seemed to hold the bar.

                              "In due time I will create my own pack, but for now I am satisfied completely with what I have."