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  • Losing My Mind

    [c] Seems to me to be the insanity
    it seems to me like I've become the Oddity
    It seems to me I need some identity
    seems to me I've become the Oddity

    <Life was cruel. It pushed you around, and when you fought back, it just hit you harder.

    Syren was sitting in one of the shadowed booths in the back of Rama's, obviously not wanting attention. Strands of disheveled, red hair fell infront of her eyes as she stared at the tabletop. Why her ? So much had happened lately. Sighing slightly, she closed her eyes, wishing that she never even existed.>

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    A figure slipped into the seat beside Syren before she could object, settling back against the booth. In the shadows, not much was visible of the persons face, though the person themself could see quite clearly. Vega smiled faintly in the darkness, speaking without moving his lips.

    "What's wrong...?"


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      "Vega ?"

      <Sure enough, as soon as she turned her head to see who it was, Vega was sitting down next to her. It had taken her forever to finally get out of the habit of calling him "Lord Vega," and just saying "Vega" as he requested. Managing a half of a smile to him, she replied ... verbally.>

      "Nothing that I really want to talk about .. It's just that so many changes are taking place."