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    It is quaint how with time the human mind becomes dependant on certain events occuring in daily life. A pattern is repeated over and over, causing an image of routine to be burned into the mind. To defy normality causes a shock to the mind, as we are not adaptable creatures, and find that change of any sort is something we despise.

    For this reason, Salem was drinking Elba Water, instead of simple Water. What a rebel.

    The Sith Disciple sat alone, unsuprisingly, with the green liquid in a glass infront of him. The taste was bland, as the unfermented elba grain created no scent whatsoever, as opposed to Elba Beer - a brand of alcohol favoured by few. On occasion he would sip it, though it remained on the table before him in the most part, a sickening luke warm.

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    **There was a shout from the entrance. An older man saying, "Hey! You aren't allowed in here, ki.." His voice was cut short as the man stumbled back slightly as the child had looked directly at him, it silenced him. There was just something about the young girl...**

    **It didn't take Takai too long to find the reason she had come into the bar. She was bored...her uncle once again too busy to deal with her and she had no idea where her father was. There was only one other person she would prefer to solitude.**

    **She walked through the bar...avoiding the stumbling drunkards and perverts. She came to a stop near a table in the darkness**



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      The commotion that had become apparent so suddenly outside the bar did not interest Salem, and it was only as a voice spoke directly to him that he looked up away from something that was set down in his lap.



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        **The young girl looked around slightly. She didn't like the bar...the people irritated her.**

        " you mind if I sit here?"


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          Salem shrugged his shoulders rigidly.

          "If you want," he said, squinting at Takai a little.


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            **She lifted herself up into the chair across from Salem.**

            "How can you tollerate this place?"


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              "It remindsss me of what I neverrr want to become."


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                "That's understandable. They all remind me of my brother. Pathetic creatures."


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                  "Everrrytime I sss-ee one, I grow morrre angrrry at their sss-tupidy," he hissed.

                  "It remindsss me neverrr to become like them ... neverrr to fall into sss-uch a pitiful existance."

                  Salem rose his glass as if to drink, but did not put it to his lips.

                  "You arrre allowed herrre?"


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                    **Her eyes wandered back to the entrance**

                    "I don't think so...They didn't want to let me in at first."

                    **She looked back to Salem**

                    "Not that I care."


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                      "They judge maturity on looksss," he snorted.

                      "Sss-urely afterrr worrrking herrre they can sss-ee that wisdom doesss not necessarily come with age."


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                        **She shrugged slightly**

                        "I'm used to it. I can't wait to be older...I'm sick of being treated like a child."


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                          "I imagine that sss-oon you will look old enough to pass their ... checks," he said, in reference to her rapid growth.


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                            "I hope so."

                            **She smirked slightly**

                            "My dad can't stand it. He says that my brother and I are growing up too fast."


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                              "There isss nothing wrong with that, ssso long as you don't decreassse your life span by growing ssso quickly."