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  • Unsettling News.

    It was a busy place, just as she'd expected.

    If she was to find out the information she sought, she had the best chance doing it here. Someone she knew was bound to show up, even though it had been a very, very long time since she had walked into Rama's bar.

    So far though, all the faces were new.

    She walked up to the bar, and catching the bartender's attention, she ordered a shot of rum. Leaning back with one elbow on the counter, Hera scanned the many occupants around her.

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    Callista stepped into Rama's Corner after being away from the lively place for months. With one casual sweep of her glance she noted nothing had changed; things were still in order and the place was bustling with life. A soft smile crossed her features as she made several steps further into the joint. Her icey gaze made another trip around the room, hoping to see a familiar face. As her line of site drifted past the bar, she had to quickly do a double-take at the blonde Sith perched against the counter.

    A dark brow quirked up as she sauntered over to the woman, "Hera?" She waited till the woman looked to her before offering a toothy grin. "What are you doing here?"


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      Hera watched as Cal approached. Though the two were associated not only by friendship, but also business through ShadowFaene, their individual endeavours were such that they did not often see one another.

      "Well, well well...they let anyone in here dont they?" Hera grinned back at her.


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        "Not Anyone.......just most anyone. "

        :: Rama had brought her the shot she ordered and set the bottle down next to it. ::


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          Hera took the drink, a little surprise at the bearer of it reflected in her eyes.

          "Atleast the barmaids are prettier than they used to be"

          She smiled cheekily.


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            "Careful now......I am a married man."


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              "Yes, I remember."

              Hera tilted the shot glass to her lips and tossed the
              liquor back, then placed the glass on the countertop.

              "How have you been, Rama?"


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                "Oh the usual.........if that is good or bad I'll let you decide. But what brings you to this hole? Haven't seen you out here in a long while."


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                  :: The Sith Lord lightly chuckled to himself as the Sith Master Rama Sha called the bar named after him a "hole." He softly set down his glass of Corillian Whiskey after taking a sip. His lips curled up in a grin as he watched the three converse, he had known Hera through their common Master Darth Ogre, he had even had the pleasure of working with her when their Master ordered a town exterminated, the taste of Carnage was still fresh in his mind. He waited in the Shadows at his table until he was asked to join or asked a question ::


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                    Hera noticed Darth Phantom, recognising him from Talasea (or rather the place formerly known as Talasea) and nodded hello - her smile a signal for him to join them if he wanted.

                    Turning back to Rama she agreed, - it had been a long time since she was here.

                    Her smile faded a little and her eyes took a seriousness into them.

                    "Actually, I heard some news that Im hoping you can tell me is not true."

                    She had that look in her eyes that knew hoping was not enough. That she was about to hear something she didnt want to, something that she couldn't believe possible, yet wouldnt accept until she got it straight from someone who would know for sure.

                    "Its about Athena."


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                      "I know of what you speak.........and it's true."


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                        :: Phantom smiled and nodded back. Getting up from his table he began walking towards the three, as he neared his smile quickly faded as was replaced by sorrow and anger. He took a seat and nodded to each. The thought of Athena was still fresh in his mind and so was the anger, he had loved her. Phantom quickly finished what he had left in his glass, raising his hand he ordered the bottle. The pain, anger and sorrow he felt could be plainly seen on his face ::

                        " Rama, Hera... "

                        :: He nodded to both ::

                        " Good Evening. "


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                          Rama's answer was direct. No sugar coating, no delicate preamble. Just the truth. Stark and unchangeable as the event. It was the answer she had expected and was delivered by one she knew would not try to soften the blow. As it should be with Sith. They lived hard. They died hard. It was the way of things.

                          Hera closed her eyes and reopened them slowly. She acknowledged Phantom as he joined them.

                          She returned her eyes to Rama.
                          "And her killer is also dead?" It was a question, but spoken as a statement. As something she knew would be as good as done among the Sith Empire, if it was not done already.

                          "This should not have happened Rama. Not to Athena."

                          It was nothing probably all those who knew Athena did not feel or had probably said, but Hera couldnt help expressing it. Athena's death just seemed so wrong.


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                            :: Rama gave a nod to Phantom, and then returned to Hera. ::

                            "That I do not know.....I don't even know who her killer is. Master Shadowtide would have more of these kinds of answers then I. I have just learned of her death and have just come from the make shift wake that Dara provided for her."


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                              :: Phantom's eye lit up with anger at the sound of her killer. He clinched his fists, his long claw like fingernails dug deep into his palm making them bleed, he slammed his fists on the table, making the drinks jump ::

                              " I know who did it. Somir, Tarnak Somir... "

                              :: Phantom's eyes where still on fire as he spoke. He would do everything in his power to kill the father of that boy, he had sworn it with his blood. Nothing would stand in his way, but now was not the time to hunt him, besides Phantom was drunk most of the day trying to drown his sorrow ::

                              " ... I will have his head ... "

                              :: He said with a snarl. His blood poured onto the floor, forming a small pool under his chair ::

                              " ... I knew something was wrong the moment he came, but I didn't follow through. I let Dara talk me out of it, not to push it. I will hunt him and I will kill him. "