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  • Torn and Bloody

    *kesh walked into the sith bar holding a strange weapon at arms length.she looked around and notice that the bar was almost empty and no one she reconized was here.she shrugged and continued to the back of the barroom.finding a table,she sat down and tugged at the strange collar that encircled her neck.kesh snarled as liquid fire ran down her back from her tugging on the silver color.* if..only i could get this thing off...

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    **Kooan walked in her long garments trailing behind her. She looked around the bar and noticed a bright white clothed cat woman snarling at the table tugging at the colar around her neck. Intrigued she walks over to this blue locked stranger and put a hand on her table. Her lime eyes flashed softly as she smiled faintly**
    Are you okay? You seem distressed..


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      *kesh was starlted as a strange woman aproached her.she smiled painfuly at her* it would seem keshia kou..if you would like to sit please go ahead*kesh nodded toward the chair opposite hers*


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        **She closely studied the contours of Keshias face. She noticed a deep pain in her eyes and the corners of her smile hid a snarl. She smiled down at Keshia again, her lime eyes flashing brilliantly. She hoped this would give her peace. She nodded slightly and sat down infront of the pained woman**
        Your agony is tangible, i feel it even though i've been here only a tiny bit of time. What is wrong? **She puts her head on her dowturned hands and leans torward the seemingly unparlous woman, her face coverered in concern**


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          Satine watches from the rafters, wondering what happened to his dear friend this time...


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            **Her eyes instantly looked upwards as she felt a slight disturbence in the air above her. She raised an eyebrow at the golden haired man looking down a slight hint of concern in his stony demeanor. She looked at Keshia again paying no more attention to this stranger**


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              alot...but it's along story and i dont want to remember.*kesh looked up and nodded at alpha befor looking at kooan*


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                Satien nods back, remaining silent. Well, in real-speech that it.

                Kesh, what happened to you this time?[i/] he sends out throught eh Force to his fri


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                  (you already know lil' warrior) *kesh replied using the same technique he used.she noticed his look of surprise on his face when he realized she too can use the force.she then looked at kooan and nodded*


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                    **Sukura flung the bar room the door, slamming it back, it hit the wall and the window shattered. She stepped in her massive frame, at least 7 feet, ducked through the door. She looked at the door and shut it softly with her huge hand and then turned and looked at the startled group of people. She smiled sheepishly and pointed at the door...**

                    "You know...they really should fix that so...umm...Taller people such as myself can fit through the friggin door frame!!!!!!" **She yelled**

                    **Her anger faded as quickly as it had come and she smiled...Kooan was here. Lovely an old friend a comfort long needed and yet so rarely found. She smiled and stepped toward her somewhat ignoring the man...on the ceiling..? She didn't ignore Keshia however and bowed gracefully to her.**

                    "Lovely to meet I suppose...It seems your having a bit a trouble.." **She paused for a moment and then said** "More than that thing that seems to be stuck to you...alot more than you'd rather talk about.."

                    **Sukura gave off one of her famous grins and sat down in a chair, slamming her heavy boots on the table.**

                    "Don't mind if I sit and both the likes of all you do you now...?" **She then looked up at the man and gave him a satanic sort of grin.**


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                      And Satine mirrors Sakura's grin, one the Jedi had obviously practiced before.

                      Kesh, I didn't know you could use the Force! Why didn't you tell me? Satine sends...


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                        Re: ...

                        (ah because i do not want others to know i can.....)*kesh smiled at tthe giant and grinned playfully up at alpha befor returning her sapphire gaze to the stranger* i'm keshia kou....tis a pleasure to meet know i think my frined bastion would love to meet you..he's 7'5 and a half-breed cizerack...very handsom*kesh realized she was matchmaking and shut up*....sorry...


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                          Satine watches the little going ons.

                          I'll keep your secret safe. Hey, Kesh, a question: How come you do matchmaking for everyone else, but not you, little one?

                          {OOC:Kesh, you wanna reply to your Yog's B&G version of this one? <img src= ALT=""> }