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Alone in the hell called life. (Open to anyone)

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  • Alone in the hell called life. (Open to anyone)

    :: Dark has been here for a couple of months now and he still doesn't know that many people. He's always depressed for some reason and can't drink to get rid of the pain. He can never get drunk no matter how hard he tries. He just can't get drunk. About these times that he want's to run out and just kill every one in sight but he needs to control his anger. Oh he wishes he could get drunk and just drowned out thedepression and everything would b right for one night. But it will never happen for dark.

    So he waits in the shadows, living hell during life, alone forever. Not able to drink or enjoy the simple pleasures in life, but just to live alone in the hell called life.::

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    ::She had come in and out a few times, some people seemed happy as larry when drunk, others grew more depressed, and some just always seemed in the reaches of near death. her eyes went to someone in the shadows and she walked up to him, noting his mood and sat down opposite him::

    Need a drink? Or perhaps something to throw?

    ::She said this half with humour and half with seriousness::