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Word gets around. (Rama Sha)

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  • Word gets around. (Rama Sha)

    A man in black commando armor entered the bar.

    Though some might be amazed that this man who was not a Sith would enter their establishment, this individual possessed extraordinary courage. It was the kind of courage that only comes from having lived through an entire lifetime of war and conflict; where the individual in question knows that the worst thing that can happen to you is to die and leave the fight unfinished, but also knows that such death must inevitably happen.

    This man was armed, apparently, with only a blaster that his right hand hovered near at all times. To say he had no other weapons on him would be a misnomer; he possessed the kind of training that could turn a simple chair or one of the other peculiar devices in his tool belt into a weapon.

    When he reached the bar, he sat and waited, setting the blaster on the countertop as a kind of peace offering.