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  • to the lonely

    (blade started the jukebox and it started playing an old song a sad song of One is the Loneliest number. blade walked up to the bar and asked for scotch as he looked around he saw the dark and dismal bar sparsely populated this night. blade wondered where all the other sith where on this lonely boring night. blade sipped his scotch In his loneliness that was his life wondering if there where other who shared his pain.)

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    :*:Zena entered the tavern, as her eyes lightened up at the presence of an old friend. Motioning over to his table, she spoke softly to him.:*:

    .."Hello Blade. Can't sleep either I see. I enjoyed our spar. You sure didn't hold back,".. she smiled with a wink.

    .."I will have what you are drinking. The drink of the Loners."..


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      (blade grinned slightly at zena.)

      I never can sleep I think its the lack of dreams.

      (blade smirked)

      Battle is the only constant in my life that is why I rarely hold back.

      (blade raised his glass.)

      Heres to the loners the ones who survive even the harshest of odds.

      So what keeps you up this dull night zena?


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        :*:Raising her glass in a toast with Blade, her thoughts regressed to the trying times as a Mercenary. She was trained for battle at the young age of 5. Zena was well aware of the continuous demands combat weighs on warriors.:*:

        .."I guess I miss the comradeship I shared with the others, in my past as a Mercenary. While I have only been here 6 months, it is hard to get to know my fellow Sith, with everyone's busy training scheduels and all. I miss fighting by the side of my compatriots against our enemies," she spoke solemnly.

        .."I would relish to someday fight by your side, Blade, in a war against our foes. I know of your hard reputation, but if you were wounded in combat, I would not think twice to help you to safety. Would you do the same for me?"..

        :*:Her sapphire blue hypnotic eyes riveted onto Blade. He sensed something about her, perhaps she was looking to consolidate a connection between them. A warrior's bond of honor with another soldier is what she has been yearning for since her arrival at TSE. Zena's lonliness had been like a shackle of chains around her burdened heart, separated from the companionship of another. She respected Blade, as he defeated her in battle. This intrigued her immensely.:*:


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          (blade let smile come across his face for the first in his life that he knew of anyway he had a true friend in a fellow warrior. blade had many teachers that he respected but never considered them more then teachers maybe now he wouldn't be the tortured soul that he always thought he was.)

          I would carry you to safety or fight to the death trying too. you are the first person that I can remember to be true friend and I would be honored to die by your side in battle if it came to that.

          (blade took a sip of his scotch. keeping his thoughts of the new friendship inside he did not know the concepts of friendship but he considered them to be similar to that of an alliance. blades had smile on his face and his black colored eyes flashed an orange color at zena.)


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            .."As would I for you, my friend."..

            :*:Zena was shocked and enraptured at his honorable pledge to her. The sacred oath was what a fellow soldier of arms would say to another of mutual respect. She hungered for such a bond to be shared once again. Blade offered her this union of reverence:*:

            .."To the Sith Empire and its soldiers of darkness. To the death, I shall fight by your side, BladeIce," she spoke with elation, raising her drink once again, their eyes meeting in the sanctified union of comradery."..


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              (blade raised his glass as his coal black eyes meet zena's sapphire eyes.)

              To the TSE and its soldiers of darkness. also til death we will fight together.

              (blade downed the rest of his scotch. He now had his first friend that he surprisingly trusted more then anyone he had trusted before. the song on the jukebox change to a slow song but not a sad song, a song blade had never heard before. still looking at zena he asked.)

              This may sound weird but do you know how to dance and I don't mean the dance you do with your blades?


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                :*:Zena laughed.:*:

                .."Indeed I do, Blade. Shall we?"..


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                  (blade smiled)

                  we shall.

                  (blade stood up and then reached out a hand to help zena from her seat. blade placed his hands on zena's rib cage as she put her hands on blade shoulder and they began to dance to the song on the jukebox.)


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                    Zena rested her head on his left shoulder following his lead, as she spoke to him through the DarkForce.

                    I was promoted last night. I now stand a warrior like yourself.


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                      (as the message came blade smiled and looked down at zena who had her head on his shoulder and sent a message back.)

                      congrats the tse grows one rank stronger it is an honor to be warrior use this to your every advantage in battle or in life. you deserve the rank of warrior.


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                        :*:Gliding to the beat of the music, Zena smiled up at Blade, as he spoke to her through the Force. She enjoyed Blade's company, and felt their comradeship strengthen with her ascention to warrior, at his level of expertise.:*:

                        As do you, my friend.


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                          (as the song was coming to end that blade didn't really want to end he looked down again at zena who had her head on his shoulder. Zena was indeed a stunning women to him he liked her for her fighting style that kill any man instantly if the man was not prepared but he also like her beauty which could kill man it self with just one look from her blue eyes. this was an allie that he would fight beside until the bitter end and would even be willing to sacrifice himself for. as the dance ended both him and zena headed back to the table.)

                          Your a good dancer.

                          (blade gave smile.)


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                            "Thanks, you aren't bad yourself."

                            Zena offered him a dazzling smile, as she was escorted back to the table.

                            "So, care to have a saber spar again sometime?"

                            She admired the man, his accomplished skills, and his solid loyalty. He was an attractive warrior, which made her feel embarrassed at times, as she was not used to a man's attention for her.

                            OOC: so sorry--I was so busy this month. Things are back to normal now. :-/