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Pour me Another Shot of That Whiskey (Open)

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  • Pour me Another Shot of That Whiskey (Open)

    It was odd, Lana noted, that she was sitting at the bar of Rama's. And drinking whiskey... She'd tried many a time to hold herself back from alcoholic beverages, and for a while, she'd been hooked on the ever-popular drink of 'water,' but it was tonight that she had cracked. The disciple needed something in her system-- anything but water.
    "Another shot..." she managed to mutter, sliding her emptied shooter over to the serving droid. In turn, it grasped it and went off to tend to her wishes.
    Glazed, her eyes searched the darkness for familiar faces. The chestnut spheres found none (but then again, how could one concentrate in her drunken state of mind?). She was bothered by the droid, who brought back her shooter. She'd simply look into the glass for a time while slurred thoughts clouded her mind.

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    Daegal walked into Rama's, a place that he had not visited for a while. So many fond memories of the place flooded his mind and, for once, he smiled. Not his normal, sinister, smile, but a genuine smile. Nodding back to reality, he saw his wife, sitting at the bar with a shot glass in front of her. As he neared, he could smell the whiskey about her and he wondered why. Normally, Lana was not a big drinker, so something must be wrong, he thought to himself. He sat down next to her and put his hand on the shot glass in front of her, drinking it and quickly setting the glass back down.

    "Something troubling you, love?"


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      She simply shook her head before speaking.
      "...I don't know why I'm drowning myself with this gross crap, actually. I never drink whiskey, always something more fashionable... More expensive, you know?"
      Her gaze fell slightly before she turned to face her loving husband. Her lips managed to curl into a small smile as she blinked slowly.
      "...I haven't had many yet, though. Only a few.
      "So what brings my love here tonight? Same reason as I?"


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        A chuckle found itself touch Daegals ears, of course it was Sieken..who else laughes sercasticly all the time....

        'I trust the "Lovey, Dovey" couple are getting along...Cupid still fireing his arrows is he Daegal?...HA!'..His voice alone painting a picture of sercsem..

        He paused for a seconde and then looked at Lana..

        ' However..Lana has been a friend since she arrived....Greetings lana..sorry i did notsee you there alone...i was trapped in my own web of are we today?' he said giving a rare smile.


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          Her eyes scanned Sieken's as her semi-intoxicated grin kept glued across her lips.
          "I'm well, my friend... Please, take a seat and tell me of how you are also."


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            Daegal did not speak, he only sat next to his beloved wife. He was not here for idle chit chat, but if she wished to partake in it, he would sit by her side until the end of time. Beeping, a serving droid arrived with his normal vodka, but Daegal pushed it away, informing the droid that he would be drinking brandy tonight.


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              'Thank you miss' Sieken said sitting down apon a chair on the other side of the table.

              His head canterd to view Daegal for a moment then Siekens grin swerved to look at Lana.

              ' So hows life?' He simply said girnning wildly


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                "Wonderful... Have you never met my husband before?"

                A ring of sarcasm graced her voice as she took a hold of Daegal's hand. To her, life couldn't get any better-- A loving husband, friends and the Dark Side all added to her happiness.

                "...Sieken, can I get you anything? I'll gladly pay."


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                  ' Yes a soda would be mighty fine if you would not mind.' He said turning to grin at Daegal again before leaning his elbows apon the table.

                  ' And how are you Daegal?' He said in a sercastic tone.


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                    Re: ....

                    Daegal looked at Sieken, not saying a word. His cold blue eyes looked as if they were ready to burn a hole right through the man in front of him. His facial expression remained constant, giving away none of his emotions.


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                      Re: ....

                      "...Very well, then a soda for Siek, bot."
                      The droid whizzed away to fetch Sieken's soda, and Lana turned to her husband, feeling some tension brewing within. Her eyes studied his a moment before she smiled and kissed the corner of his lips gently.
                      Lana then turned to look again at Sieken and spoke softly:
                      "...Lovely evening, isn't it?"
                      Her smile broadened before the droid returned with her friend's requested soda. The disciple nodded to it, and it again whirled away to tend to other matters.


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                        Re: ....

                        Xavier walks slowly into Rama's. He smiles slightly as he sees his brother. The young Sith Warrior walks over to Daegal slowly and clasps a hand onto his brother's shoulder before sliding both of his hands back through his hair and tying it up.