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  • Waiting for a contact: Duces Wild!

    Juju Fett secured his ship the Slave IV in a remote location five mile's out from the civilized city he was now viewing through his powered binoculars. The camouflage synth tarp clocked the medium sized craft well in the dense undergrowth on the out skirt's of the city. Turning around, Juju made double sure the surrounding's were all to his liking. He then reached to a small concealed forearm panel and flipped it open. After a series of coded command's were punched in he shut it and paused. The bounty hunter then reached over to his left arm and retrieved a small metallic cylinder that he pulled out from under his forearm. Clicking a small button with his thumb the back pack like retro rocket's fired behind him, immediately lifting the man high into the air where he navigated his way to the city not to far away.

    Later, after the hunter landed, Juju made his way into the city after a clearance check from the city guard's. The data pad he showed them gave him full range and authorization to the all the known rim system's when collecting his potential bounties. Some called it open immunity, while other's called it a crying shame, a scourge to the all known out law's that were wanted!

    Fett's scanning equipment was now on auto as he waded through the crowd's of people and other life form's native to this system. There was another bounty hunter Juju was looking for. One that he would incorporate as a possible lead to a bounty he was currently on assignment for.

    The hunter's rare blue mandalorian armor glistened in the hot rays of the duel sun's as he neared his destination spot,..Rama's bar. Juju Fett would patiently await for his contact outside the bar, he knew the lethal man well and that's were they had planned before hand to meet. Fett and his sister Jaslin had collected many bounties together with this other hunter, bounties that had made all three very rich.

    Juju Fett's sister Jaslin would be accompanying the two later after following a lead of her own. The brother and sister team known as the "Fett's" had started "Fett Enterprises" sometime after their father's death, the late great Boba Fett. The Bounty Hunter Boba Fett himself was famous throughout the know galaxies for his superb work and was noted by many for being the best Bounty Hunter ever to take up the trade. This also held true when he was employed by the "Lord of the Sith," Darth Vader.

    The Fett sibling's were taught the deepest secret's of the hunter's way's from their father. This was passed down to Boba Fett from the famous Jango Fett where the art form now resided in the Fett family three generation's later.

    Two bounty hunter's working together were always better then one. The lethal brother and sister team combined skill's as well as sperate now over shadowed that of their former mentor's. All thing's get better with time, and the Fett sibling's were out to prove that point correct!

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    "6000 credits? That is not the agreed upon price Stanger are you trying to cheat me?" Talos said angrely.

    "No not at all Talos, its just that you have entered my system twice now." Stanger anwsered.

    "Yeah and?" Sting asked.
    "Well, there's a Tax that goes to Stanger associates every time you enter my system. A 1000 credits to come and a 1000 to go." Stanger explained.
    "Stanger You Invited Me!!!!" Sting responded.

    Stanger laughed. "Tell me where that's my problem Sting. Oh, and thanks for retrieving that museum piece for me I don't thing we could have gotten it without you. Now get out before your thrown out." Stanger knew that Talos wouldn't do anything in his office. There was no profit in revenge.

    Talos had arrived early checking the bar and the Exterior in advance. You didn't get to be one of the best by not being careful. Having checked the area thoroughly Sting blended into the shadows waiting for JuJu's arrival.

    JuJu walked into the alley the light of his sun shining off his armor. He was checking his instruments. Sting knew it was a matter of time. The dark mercenary reached out and touched JuJu.
    "Boo" Talos said.
    JuJu turned around facing Sting."I cant believe I caught the great JuJu by suprise" Sting replied. Just then Talos heard a cough turning around he saw a gun pointed at his head by Jaslin his sister.

    JuJu answered"You didn't we watched you get here early and thought we would have a little fun."

    "Hahahaha good one. I knew you two would not let me down glad to see your still on top of your game."Talos answered. "Speaking of fun hold on one sec." Pulling out a small hand held mechanism Sting pushed a button. Somewhere on the other side of the planet Stangers museum artifact blew to piece's taking Stanger with it. "Nobody cheats me nobody! Ok heres the next bounty." Talos said with a small laugh...


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      The bounty hunter surveyed his surrounding's once again. Turing his gaze back to Sting he held out his armored glove to the man. The Fett's had traveled a long distance to gather the information Sting had collected for them. And if his tight sources all paned out, Juju would be more then generous and by his hunter brother a round of drink's.

      "I take it Sting you have what we've come for. And no, were not playing game's!" Juju's voice snapped as it reverberated from his voice modulator.

      "Our lead's to this one called Ambira have turned up nothing. There is a large bounty on Arcan, we plan to collect it. Unfortunately, he's the only one that can tell us more on the happening's that took place there." Juju finished in a more subtle tone, continuing to look around them for any onlooker's that might be interested in there conversation. One could not be to careful with spy's lurking about.


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        And this man called himself a bounty hunter. A low chuckle emanated from behind the contact as Jaslin rested her snub nose carbine pulse rifle against the back of Sting's head.

        "Oh but I want to play Juju, it's been some time since we got out and had a little fun, or are we on the clock still." Sting could hear the high pitched hum of Jaslin's pulse rifle, indicating that it was ready to fire.

        "How's life treating you lately Talos. Sur hope you didn't make us come all this way for nothing. It's a very hot day, my trigger finger is getting sweaty." Jaslin finished her sentence as smooth as a Wampa's fur.


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          "Well madam before your hand gets to sweaty I would like to draw your attention to the small red laser sight."" You'll see that you and JuJu and you have matching laser scopes on each of you. Talos watched as JuJu started pushing buttons on his armor. "Come now you don't think that I would arrange two sniper's and then put them in your armor's surveilance range." Talos reached behind his back grabbing two small cylinder's "here's all the information you need." Smiling at Jaslin Sting said, "Good luck youll need it."