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The Daughter.

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  • The Daughter.

    Galatea sighed as she sat back into the cushions of the booth. She leaned her head back against it, and stared at the ceiling. On her wooden table was numerous empty glasses and 2 empty bottles, a Vodka and a JD. She closed her eyes and sighed, her hand over her stomach. This much liquor burned her insides, but she didn't care.

    "Hmm ..."

    A purpose. A goal. None whatsoever. No reasons to live, yet no reasons to die. God, life is boring. Her father and mother were back together. Darius was out searching for Thanatos. Everybody had something to do.

    "So insignificant ..."

    Useless is more like it.

    "Give me a reason ..."

    To what ?

    "To live or to die. Your choice."

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    "You are not insiginificant,"

    A voice spoke from up above. On looking up, Galatea saw her father looking down to her.


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      Galatea blinked once, her eyes widening, but soon enough, she looked back down, taking her gaze off her father.

      "What are you doing here ?" She asked, coldly.

      What do you think ?

      "How'd you know I was here ?"


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        "I've come to see you, and I knew you were here because we are family.. I can sense you anywhere.."


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          Galatea coughed, and gently moved aside from her father to avoid any physical contact with him. She wasn't quite sure if it was a threat or a fatherly fact. She sighed slightly.

          "What can I do for you, then ?"


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            "What can you do for me?"

            He sighed.

            "You can stop treating me as if I'm out to kill you."


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              "Strange. Isn't that what you wanted, before Mother came back ?" She pressed on her Mother's name.

              Galatea crossed her arms over her stomach as she slowly slipped down the booth chair. The alcohol had already gone to her head, but she tried not to let it show, sitting back up discreetly.


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                "Of course not," he snapped immeadiately, his arms folding tightly over his chest.


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                  "Stop it, Dad- .. Father. I am not a little girl anymore."


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                    "Then why are you acting like one?" he said smirking.

                    "I have no intentions of hurting you, nor have I ever had such thoughts."

                    As he spoke, he visually seemed to sink, saddened.


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                      "Dad, you .. !"

                      Galatea stood up suddendly, pushing the wooden table down to the ground, but her gaze locked on her Father.

                      "When will you stop lying to me ?! Don't tell you me you didn't send Darius after Thanatos ! Father, tell me the truth !"


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                        "I freely admit that, but your brother was a Jedi," he said calmly, looking down into his daughters eyes.

                        "I cannot abide Jedi what so ever."


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                          "Thanatos is your son ! Your son and my brother ! Why can't you put family before your Sith matters ?! How can this Empire be more important than him, or even me ?!"


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                            Vega shook his head slowly.

                            "The Empire came before you all did... My whole life is devoted to its cause... it was Thanatos' own choice to leave the Empire for the Jedi, he knew what would happen."


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                              "And what about Darius ? You didn't even move anything, when he killed Mother ! Don't tell me it was for the Empire, because it had nothing to do with it !"

                              Galatea stepped towards the exit backwards.

                              "You were so busy molding him into a warrior ... You forgot about Mother, you forgot about me ! Training Darius on one side, planning your revenge on Thanatos, on the other. Where was I ?!"