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  • Looking for Sieken

    From the HQ, Lucine and Salem strode into the bar. They had come searching for Lucine's elder brother Sieken, to inform him of his sisters return to the Empire.

    "Wonderrr wherrre he isss..."

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    Sieken sat at the back of the room, directly into the corner so he could see the whole bar. He knew who had just walked in and a gut wrenching anger swept across the Warrior like a agony. he disliked them both...Salem more so than most.

    Taking little intrest in the 2 that just walked in, Sieken kept a strait face,his anger did not faulter and he sat there expressionless ignoring there entance.

    Sieken lifted his head again and gave up trying to rid of his sister, took a long sip from his JD and waited for the inevitable.


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      It had been a long time, too long some may say, and as uaual, they hadn't parted on the most stable terms,
      But Deven was back.

      He had it in mind to find his two siblings and attemp to make up with them, but he wasn't sure how he was going to do it, or indeed what the reaction would be to his face appearing round the door at Ramas again.

      :: Oh well :: he thought to himself, :: Whats been done cannot be undone, we must look to the future ::

      Then as an after-thought mumbled half aloud "Hope they see it that way." He pushed the door open and walked in...


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        Siekens jaw suddenly droped in amazement,his face went a ghostly white as he saw both his Sister and his brother enter the room at nearly the same time.

        ' not dreaming this...not Deven..please god..Lucine yes..but not Deven also...for god sake..' Siekens said smacking his head

        He held his head in his hands in total miserey.

        OOC: BTW this is my real lifebrother whos playing Deven..hjes decided toplayhimonce again the Kasstra family expands <img src= ALT=""> all know him from about 4 months hes back again <img src= ALT="">


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          Lucine yawned quietly, her fingers combing through her hair before twisting it into a tight coil and tying one of the black cords around it. Her eyes glanced through the bar before stopping in the corner, a smile growing lightly on her lips.



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            "Ah, what is this ? A family reunion without me ?"

            The white-haired man has been here for a while now, silently watching Deven and Sieken walk in. As soon as he heard Lucine's voice, a light smile came over his lips. Through his mask, he cocked his head to the side, waiting for a reply from any of them.


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              Salem let Lucine's hand slip from his as he glanced about at this 'reunion' of the Kasstra family, his eyes squinting somewhat at the suddenly appearance of the group.


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                Dev looked over from his place at the bar, recognising the looks of shock and astonishment in the faces of the other Kasstra's and Salem. He turned to Siek firts of all:

                " has been too long. I'm not going to pretend to myself you are pleased to see me, but I have returned with one single-minded purpose, which will become apparent as time passes...I am here to stay."

                Turning next to Luc:

                " has indeed been even longer. You are looking well. For the moment I would like to offer you one thing, my apology for past actions and words which undoubtedly will have caused you hurt. I'm sorry"

                Looking over to Logan:

                "Logan...even longer still, you look different somehow. You also will undoubtedly have been caused hurt by me in the past, and for that I am truly sorry."

                Turning to everyone:

                "I wish to make it clear to you all that I am a changed man. Since we last met, events have occured, events which I wish never to discuss with anyone, but events which have changed the Deven Kasstra you believe you know, to the Deven Kasstra you see here. I will speak individually at a later date to each one of you, but for now I will go about my business, it seems I am interrupting here."


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                  ' Who...the you think you are?' Sieken said..his words playing across the room like a violin

                  Sieken rose from his seat looking from one person to the next, Lucine so pleased to see me, brother than aplogises?..thats a first...and the..the masked man...who the hell is he..although he has Kasstra hair..and well..just Salem.

                  ' What the hell is going on here? youall hang around me like some poisonus gas that wants to ruin my life?..Lucine...what the hell did you think you were doing going to the jedi...i about family abadonment...and you Deven Sieken said pointing to the taller man at the bar.

                  ' When are you going to ever learn to stop playing these games with us huh?...back and forth back and forth like some endless yo-yo...and you come back to apologise?..correct me if imwrong but you dont know the meaning of the word sorry' He said..his face turning as demonotic as ever before

                  ' Im not even gonna talk to that fake goth Salem..just a waiste of space...i heard you and Lucine talking in your room...youtake me as a fool...nice try...fall in love see if i care...have babies with pristien white i give a crap?...NO!' his head swerld with thoughts, words and pictures,trying to place them together.

                  'BAH!..i cant be botherd..leave me be' He said sitting back down..although he wanted Lucines hug and even longed for it..his sister always gave him a hug and he missed it...he just said it to hurt her but did notmean it at all


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                    "Siek, I'm not xpecting you to be overjoyed at my endless comings and goings, and I really wish they were never necessary, but I know for sure that so long as I am welcome here, I will not have to leave again. All I ask is that you can find it in you to give me the time to proove it."


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                      Lucine touched the back of Salem's hand for a moment, looking toward him before stepping away. She walked towards Sieken, frowning coldly. As soon as she drew close enough to him, her hand was brought down sharply over his cheek.

                      "Don't you ever spy on me again. I'm not a little girl anymore that you have the automatic right to stalk. And don't sit back to watch something unfold, then complain when you didn't even say a word against my leaving. I came back before I was even accepted into the ranks of that scum. You didn't try to stop me, so you don't have the right to say anything against it."

                      Lucine spoke sharply, letting every bit of anger drain into her words. After she had finished, Lucine sank to her knees to meet Sieken's eyes, a light sigh slipping from her lips.

                      "You're my brother, and one of the very few reasons I returned to this collective, instead of another. But so is Salem...on some level, inside me. I don't know what you have against him, and quite honestly don't want to know. But if you ever insult him without the slightest bit of reason, I won't be the loving little sister you once knew."


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                        Sieken ignored the slap,his face as cold as steel, his eyes so expressionless Lucine must of thought he was a corps.he simply looked at her, pale of face exsept as small red patch where the slap had been.

                        ' So..' He began..and then paused to look at Salem giving him just a smile of sercasem.

                        ' You love the black eyed creature more than your family huh?...more than Deven...more than... He paused again..a small tear escaped the slit of his eye.

                        ' More than me?...more than the person that took care of you for so many years when the rest of them idiots abandoned us in death and other love HIM..more than your own flesh and heart?..' Sieken said his words ending in a whisper, the tear finaly dripping from his face onto the glass table.


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                          "I never said that. And you seem to be forgetting, Love for family and Love for another being are entirely different matters."

                          Standing up, she turned to look at Salem, a bit of a distressed look in her eyes. She sighed and looked at Sieken again.

                          "I never said that I love anyone more than other... However, if you can't set aside petty feelings and except Salem, or at least keep your mouth shut around me... That may change."

                          With that, she walked back over to Salem, her fingers lightly touching the back of his hand.


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                            Salem simply smirked. He would abide Sieken's ramblings for Lucine's sake, and for no other reason than this. He turned to look down to Luci as she stopped by him once more. He did not say a word out aloud, but instead spoke into her mind:

                            I don't sss-ee why he hates me.


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                              well things have certainly changed since I was last here

                              For the whole juration of the little scuffle he had remained silent, watching from glazed eyes whilst sipping on a JD.

                              Now he decided it might be time to intervene. He stood up and walked over to Siek, whispering in his ear:

                              "I'm not sure I like this guy, sumthing about his eyes eh?"

                              He turned and walked over to Salem and extended a hand:

                              "I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meeting before, I am Deven, Lucines Older Brother."