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  • Alone.

    Jezebella hadn't been to Rama's for some time. It hadn't changed much in appearance but the people were changing by the minute. She watched the many new faces,along with the familiar,enter and exit.

    She stepped from the shadows and slowly made her way to a vacant table. Her face showed no sign of emotion what so ever. Sliding into the chair nearest her,she watched as the many people passed by.

    After the serving droid had taken her order of a red wine,she continued to look around curiously. Her dark gaze intent and full of lingering interest

    "This place certainly hasn't changed."

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    Raz grinned in a most wicked manner as her dear little adoptive sibling entered. She had been growing bored with the place and was about to depart, but tormenting Jez seemed like it might just cheer her up. She crept behind her, cloaking her presence until she was just upon her then whispered into her ear."Hello little one...."


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      Jezebella's eyes widened as the familiar presence of Razielle became all to clear. But,that was not before the surprised Jez took a leap from her chair. Her expression went sour and her arms came up to fold selfishly over her chest

      "Why hello there,Raz. So nice of you to....sneak up on me...."

      Her tone was an irritable grumble. She was clearly not happy with her tricky ways. Still......she could not blame her for trying to have fun....but it could have been with someone else

      "Tell me. What have you been up to?"


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        "Irritating you it would seem."Razielle perched upon a barstool and crossed her legs. She gave an apologetic look to Jez and offered."Come, let me buy you a drink and make it up to you. What's your poison this eve?"


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          It was at that time that Jezebella noticed her drink had not been brought. Irritation was already setting in and Jez was known for her short temper. "Perhaps getting drunk isn't such a bad idea." she thought blandly to herself. She shrugged and lowered herself back down to her seat,still a bit shaky from her sisters earlier surprise drop-in

          "Sounds good to me."

          Jezebella looked toward the bar and puzzled,her tastes were settled on wine but there was no way she could get drunk quickly off that. She smirked,"I'm think to myself to much." she mused in thought.

          "I'm going to be brave and have you order me something....."


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            Razielle grinned and ordered for her. The droid attendant rolled over and placed before Jez a tiny glass, its surface was frosted with ice and it was smoking.

            "Voila! A creation of mine own! A "Deadly Darkside Shooter". I could tell you what was in it but I would have to forsake our familial ties and kill you."

            She pushed the black glass towards Jez and whispered.

            "Bottoms up...Hold on tight."


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              Jezebella wasn't sure what to make of it. The glass of course was smoking and than again...Razielle made it...
              Eyeing Raz and than the glass,she smirked. She had never known Razielle to give her poison....but it was never to late to.

              She slowly brought her hand to the small glass and lifted it to her dark lips

              "Ehh....I guess."

              With a quick tip back she downed the glass quickly,not really sure what to think


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                Razielle watched with great amusement as the fiery liquid went straight into Jez's system and shot through her veins. It sent the icy feeling of the darkside through her, albeit artificially. Raz grinned in her smart-***** way..

                "Good eh..?"

                Jez's fingers gripped the bar until her knuckles turned white with the stress and when she spoke finally, frigid air softly spilled from her lips..


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                  Jezebella let out a loud sputtering cough and brought a gloved hand up to wipe the access liquid from her mouth. Her eyes were stinging but she couldn't help but think "What an excellent feeling rush". Smirking as she looked to her hand that was now clinched tightly to the table-top,she slowly shifted her gaze to Razielle as she heard the question

                  "Oh yeah......great....delicious."