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Can we be both right and wrong? *closed*

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  • Can we be both right and wrong? *closed*

    *Bi0 sat down at a table with two seats. Normally one can find him at the Bar Counter, but today was an exception for him. Bi0 was keenly interested in philosopy and how he could apply it to the Force, as well as discover the metaphysics or rather, the basic principles behind it. But today wasn't a day to talk about that issue. The issue at hand was apply Ethical Relativism to the Light and Dark Side of the Force. Bi0 poped open his holopad and started wiritng down his ideas...*

    "Something just came to my mind just now, about the endless war between the Light and Dark Side. Our enemies label themselves as saviors, while we are labeled as monsters. But that is only to them. To us, we our the saviors and they the monsters. In a sense, all of us are saviors and monsters. But I think it is the society in which we live that makes us both of these.
    I've taken into account many idea's on this but so many are simple and they clearly just accept the fiction that is given to they're blinded eyes. However, I'm attempting to remove the myth behind our labels.
    The acts that we do are void of any sort of good or evil. They are totally neutral.
    However, depending on the society in which we live, these acts are labeled as good or evil but, only to that society that labels them as such. What one society calls good, is evil to another and vice versa. This is called Ethical Relativism: Where the acts we do are labeled as good or evil by the societys in which we live.
    Applying this idea to my study's, I feel I'm very close to unearthing a secret that might have been hidden from both Light and Dark Side followers. If it is true, then there is no right or wrong, good or evil. And that our endless fight is nothing more then a clash of beliefs...

    *Bi0's writings are interuptted by the beeping sound of a B.A.D. Unit. It was waiting for him to request something. BiO was too deep in his thoughts to hear it at first*

    "My usual little one...make sure you put more ice in it this time".

    *The little driod beeped twice and head back to the bar. Already written down what he got so far, Bi0 closed his burning eyes and awaited his drink, while thinking even deeper into this philosophical enigma that he sadly stubled into*