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Some business to take care of(open)

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  • Some business to take care of(open)

    *demon sat out one of the private balconies far away from the insaide of the bar.she had business with an old freind and the siths and other sneaky customers would have a hard time trying to translat what the coversation was about.she looked at her freind and glared sullenly at him.drow was one to moost cautious of.he was slightly bigger then her,he was also a true chaosian and that made him the more dangerous.she leaned back and smirked at his simple plan to destroy the small planet that stood in the way of his goals and he needed her firepower and strength to see this through.she shifted as he asked about her family*there is nothing to be worrying about...tempist is gone and i ahev lasairian to take care of...*she looked away at his frosty glare and downed the glass of red wine he had ordered*