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  • Relaxing...

    :: Dia wanders in and takes a seat at a table in one of the darker corners of the bar. She ordered a glass of water from the serving droid before settling down to watch the patrons. ::

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    Daegal walked slowly into the bar, clad in his black Sith Robes as usual. Noticing his friend, Sith Master Lady Dia at a table in the corner, Daegal nodded to her. He moved toward the bar and retrieved his normal glass of vodka. He walked over toward the corner where she said and smiled.

    "Greetings, Master Dia. How have you been lately?"


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      :: Dia looks up and smiles as Daegal approaches her table. His arrival coincided with the droid's as her water was delivered. Dia took the glass from the droid and waved her free hand toward the empty chair at the table. ::

      "Better since I escaped from my study. Please, join me and tell me of your latest adventure."


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        Daegal sat and smiled at her request for a story.

        "Adventure, eh? latest adventures all originate in the Training Grounds sparring."

        He chuckled as his sentence trailed off and then took a sip of his vodka.


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          :: Taking a cue from Daegal, Dia sipped her water before continuing the conversation. ::

          "That can be adventurous. Sparring anyone I know?"


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            Daegal thought for a moment before speaking softly.

            "Well, I sparred Lord Van Derveld a while ago. I believe you know him."


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              "Yes, we've spoken a few times. I imagine that was a interesting spar... you both seem to have formidable powers."


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                "Well, Master Dia, thank you for the compliment. It means a lot coming from you. It was an interesting spar, though the outcome was not in my favor."

                Daegal chuckled again and sipped his drink once more.


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                  :: Dia grinned at his admission. ::

                  "Better luck next time, eh?"


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                    "Yes, most certainly. So, tell me of your latest adventure, Master Dia."


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                      :: Dia sighes. ::

                      "I wish I had an adventure of which to tell. I've been sifting through old records of the Empire's events during my absence, giving myself a headache and learning very little in the process."


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                        "Hmm...find anything interesting in the records?"

                        Daegal had to admit that what she spoke of seemed much less than interesting..


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                          "Nah, I gave up and came here to relax. I much prefer this to the records."


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                            "As would I."

                            Daegal sipped his drink slowly, allowing the liquid to flow slowing down his throat and enjoying the burning sensation.


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                              :: Dia sips her water slowly and watches the patrons. She sighs softly, and her voice, when she speaks, is barely more than a whisper. ::

                              "So much has changed."