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  • Anonymous [Closed, Davka Volaw]

    Eve re-read the note she had received from a certain Davka Volaw and sighed. She wasn't even sure if he was a Sith, or Jedi. She ran her hand through her messy brown hair, sitting on top of the wooden counter, her feet resting on a bar stool.

    "Well ? Where are you, umm ?"

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    As Davka entered the bar he immediately noticed the beautiful young woman sitting on the bar, immediately knowing it was her.

    **I hope I'm not late** he thought as he strolled up to the bar.

    "Hello. Aurora, I'm glad to see you came." and with that he took her hand in his and gave a gentle kiss on her knuckle.

    "I hope I'm not late, for I promise, it will not happen again." he promised her as he took a seat at the bar.

    As he slid his hood back, revealing his glowing ice blue eyes, he heard a slight inhale from her.

    "Do my eyes alarm you?" he said in a submissive tone. For as he heard it his 19 year old face softened. He hoped he had not blown it by his appearance. He waited for her reply...


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      Sieken sat in the bar, his face looking down apon the glass he held on his hands. The brown drink swirling around in the bottom of the glass. Then sudenly Siekens eyes darted up towards the door just as the man walked in.

      Sieken scanned the man quickly before looking back down again andcontinued to drowen his sorrows. His face as expressionless as before his eyes searching for an answer at the bottom of the glass.

      'Hello. Aurora, I'm glad to see you came'...Sieken immediatly looked up just as the "gentle" kiss was exchanged, the look on Eves face gave Sieken the impression she was not enjoying the situation she was thrown into,Sieken sprang up to fast and so annoyed that the tale tipped over and the glass smashed apon the ground.

      Sieken smirked and started walking around the tables towards the man who had not yet noticed Siekens advance, when Sieken reached a few feet away from the man, both hands from Sieken flew out like a bullit and wrapped tightly around the neck of the unknown man, slwoly but surely squeezing like a vice, and steadly twisting his neck towards breaking point, but not yet killing the man.

      'Dont you dear touch her in that way....EVER..without her you hear me little man?' he twisted again even closer to breakng point his neck aching

      ' Go on boy...try me!...gimme a reaon to kill you'


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        Davka sensed it before it happened so it was no suprise. He felt the hands go around his neck and tighten.

        "I will give you a chance to let me go so you can go back to your drinking." Davka said. As he said it he used the force to reinforce his trachea and the vertabrae in his neck.

        He knew that Sieken was not going to let go, so before Sieken could react, he had grabbed Sieken's wrist and arm, near his biceps. He spun out of the lock and flipped Sieken horizontaly so he landed on the floor on his back, knocking the wind out of him.

        "I have been in plenty of vice grips, so I made that technique to get out of it." he said as he helped Sieken up to his feet, "I have no quarrel with you. So what do you want to do?"

        He was now facing Sieken, both at the same height. He was waiting for Sieken to answer or react...

        OOC: This was a private post between Davka Volaw and Eve Siren. The kiss that was given was on the hand, showing respect and high regards to Aurora. As I read what I wrote I noticed how it could be viewed as a kiss on the cheek, etc. so I will fix that problem, sorry. So I could not see her making a face that would mean anything of how she was uncomfortable. When I first started posting I was kind of hoping that Davka and Sieken could be friends, but now that might not happen. I hope we can solve this.


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          "Hey !"

          Eve jumped down from where she was seated, and kneeled down next to Sieken. She put her hand behind Sieken's and helped him stand up slowly, though her gaze remained on the other man.

          "Not a bad first impression," she said with a solid voice.

          She turned her head towards Sieken, afterwards.

          "Are you alright ?"


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            "He should be alright, I did not throw him that hard. Just hard enough to get his attention." he said as he looked Sieken over.

            He used the force to scan Sieken's vital stats, "He is alright, no damage, just short breath. Your lucky, a Trandoshan did that to me and I broke his arm in three places while dislocating his shoulder. He was big too, he cracked three ribs when he landed. But that is beside the point, are you all right?" he asked Sieken...


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              OOC: I was invited mate...and i had my arms so tight around your neck you woldent of been able to do that...but for arguments sake ill play with it.

              IC: Sieken was not done yet, with a full spin of his body so quick the man could not react fast enough Siekens elbow smashed clear cut into the man temple. It was so hard that it could have cracked his cheek bone, with that the man was catipulted over a table full of people drinking and landed over the otherside with the table and drinks landing on top of him.

              'Like i said...dont kiss her without asking!' Sieken said his eyes glanced over to Eve.

              ' And dont presume to be all powerfull ether dont wanna see me Raged my me!' He said looking at Eve again...she knew what Sieken ment...


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                OOC: Okay sorry, I did not know you were invited. That move works because in your arm you have a nerve running through it, when you have your muscle flexed in any way that nerve comes to the surface. With the proper pressure, you can break just about any grip. In my case I used the force to squeeze your arm so it lost its grip, than I performed the move. Just to let you know.


                As he got up he wiped a drip of blood that was coming down his left cheek with his fingers. Rubbing the blood between his thumb, index, and middle fingers. Being a human he had a bruise forming from the blow.

                "Impressive, very impressive. Your very fast, one of the fastest people I've seen. For I am not all powerful but I have the skills I need to take you on." with that said he made his cloaks dry along with the rest of him.

                He apologized for the people who's drinks he had ended abruptly and ordered the bartender droid to get more. He walked to a glass at the counter that had been left a little full, he dipped a rag in the alcohol, and put it on the cut.

                After that he dropped the rag in the trash and with a light coming from his hand, he put it to his cheek. When the light died and he put his hand down, the cut had been healed and the bruise that had developed quickly, was gone.

                "And you think that just because you can crack a cheek bone, you can tell people what to do? I have seen much worse behavior out of Jedi. And don't think that just because your friends may know about your anger or you say that your anger is great that I do not have great anger. Trust me, my anger could possibly match even yours. Why do you think I'm here, I'm not here because have the curage of a Nemoidian, but because I have anger that can bring me great power. I don't know much about you but I can say that I might have more things going, fueling my hatred and anger, than you. Now if you want to continue fighting I will fight, but I will not apologize to you for showing high respect and honor to Aurora. For if she did not like that than she could have told me herself. So what do you want to do?" Davka said as he prepared to either fight or become friends with Sieken.

                As he said all of this, he could see Aurora smiling almost unnoticably from him standing up to Sieken. He saw that what he said made Sieken think, but that did not mean that it would change his mind. He could feel the force flowing through Sieken but he knew Sieken knew he had just as much force flowing through him. His eyes were blazing an even more intimidating ice blue and he saw some of the traders looking at him with fear.

                He did not know what Sieken had on him, weapon wise, but he knew what he had on him. He felt the presence of both his lightsabers, his blue lightwhip, and his holt blaster. If Sieken wanted trouble, he could supply it not only in battle but also in weapons.

                So he sat and waited for what might happen. He and Sieken could either fight or become friends. He wanted the latter but he knew from experience that what you want does not always come true.


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                  "Hey, if you two want to fist fight, take it outside Rama's bar. What am I supposed to tell him, once he gets back ?"

                  Eve's arms crossed over her stomach as she stepped back and looked at the two. A angry sigh escaped her mouth. True, Davka's move made her uncomfortable. True, she did invite Sieken. She didn't really expect it to turn into something personal and revealing. She didn't even call it a date.

                  She looked at Sieken.

                  "You. Calm your hormones."

                  Her gaze shifted towards Davka.

                  "You. Calm yourself down too. I guess by Sieken's reactions, you probably figured I'm no ordinary Sith girl. I don't believe in love at first sight, or even love at all, so don't believe you'll melt this *****'s cold heart. Sure, come in, be a gentleman, kiss my hand. That ain't enough, Volaw. If you want me, you'll have to do what all the men did, before you. "


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                    Sieken simply smerked followed by a light chuckle.

                    ' You just dont get it do you midget...' He said turning his head towards the man.

                    ' Im not waisting my time on some some pratt like you...let me put you strait pal' He said standing right infront of the offender

                    ' Im stoping because she asked me to..otherwise i would have broken your back if she had commanded dont even think you would be ever standing by now...' He said looking to Eve as if she would give him a order

                    ' And next time you wanna be friendly towards somone...go try and talk to a Jedi cause its worthless here pal' Sieken said walking away to the side of them and sitting on the stall next to eve...