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    *walks in sits at a desolate corner* Hey Barkeep could I get some '46? *Looks around as a droid serves him* That'll be Fifthteen creds, Here ya go *hands droid a credit chit*. I hope so something good happens or I'm gonna drown someone...

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    ::Saharia smiled at his comment, he looked interesting. Walking over she sat down next to him and looked at the man, a half smile on her face reflecting conservative amusement, she had been bored::

    What of your weapon?
    Welcome to the sith bar, wiht an attitude like that you fit in well.


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      Zeta sat quietly sipping his ale when he noticed a man that looked somewhat faimiliar to him. Zeta had seen him once before when he was trying to make conversation with Chaos Alexander.

      Zeta smirked lightly at the man's comment, bit his smirk seemed to grow ever so slightly after the woman commented after the man.

      So many of the Sith around here were more outspoken than he was.

      Though he agreed with Saharia's comment towards the man, he did not say so. He much prefered to quietly keep to himself. His ale was all he really needed for the moment, content with just that.


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        Zena ambled into the tavern after a hard day of training, while nodding to her fellow compatriots of the Sith Empire. Taking a seat in the far corner, she ordered a Corellian ale from a passing service Droid.

        Her topaz blue eyes then shifted towards the tattooed Zabrak. She had always been interested in these beings since her Mercenary days, having known of their fierce warrior skills with hand to hand and melee combat, also their resolute grasp of the Darkside. With a smile, she elevated her drink, meeting contact with his hypnotic yellow eyes.


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          Not long after did Zeta's eyes fall upon the two Sith he was observing did his eyes move away from the table, He'd felt a slight nudge through the force, someone's eyes had fallen upon his presence.

          He turned his head slowly as the feeling nagged at hiim a little more, he searched.

          It was soon after that his eyes fell onto Lady Zena. He studied her for a moment or more, observing her as he had done with the other two Sith. His face held no emotion as he watched her levitate her drink, her topaz blue eyes seemed to be focused on his own yellow eyes. He saw her smile, which was greeted with a simple nodding gesture of the head from the Zabrak, indicating that he had noticed her looking at him.


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            Having been reared as a Mercenary, Zena harbored a bold inquisitive nature. This was vividly apparant as she rose from her seat, sauntering over to Zeta, whom was obviously new to the Sith Empire. His luminous eyes followed her motion, which were captivating and alluring, making her feel slightly disconcerted, as they locked onto her form.

            "Greetings, they call me Zena. I have not had the pleasure. May I ask your name, sir? Mind if I sit with you?"

            Without waiting for a response, Zena moved a seat 'via' the Force, and abruptly appropriated it. Taking a sip from her ale, her eyes riveted onto the array of horns adorning his cranium.

            "Ever impale your enemy with one of those?"

            She gestured towards his head with her drink, lofting a brow.


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              Zeta's eyes almost left Zena's gaze, that is, until she stood up and made her way toward his table.

              She was the first to speak, and it was a good thing too, for Zeta hardly ever spoke to anyone unless approached, or unless he had a need to speak.

              "Greetings, Lady Zena. They call me Zeta..."

              His gaze seemed to be locked on her eyes as he paused.

              "..and the pleasure is all mine. Please..."

              He was about to gesture toward the chair across from him when he stopped suddenly, watching the chair move mysteriously on its own, his eyes following her as she sat down.

              The question pertaining to his horns only made Zeta's lips twitch into a hint of a smirk.

              "No, can't say that I have, though the thought of doing so has crossed my mind once or twice..."

              Silently Zeta continued to secretly study and observe Zena with his eyes.


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                Zena felt a potent surge from the Dark Force emanating from Zeta, while being entranced by the Sith and his vibrant facade.

                "Zeta, how ironic. Our names are quite similar. Perhaps this is fate we meet."

                I sense something from this Zabrak. He is strong with the Darkside. I feel the need to test him in battle, I wonder if he would oblige me with a spar.
                Zena thought to herself.

                "So, what weapons do you prefer in battle, Zeta?"


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                  Zeta could tell, just by conversation, that Zena was an observer, just like himself.

                  The Zabrak silently wondered just what Zena was observing about him.

                  He took a slow steady sip of his Ale before he give an answer to her question, at the same time noting how curious she was of him.

                  The Zabrak just let his lips slide into a small sinister smile as he gestured toward the area where his brain was.

                  "My mind is the greatest of weapons. Nothing compares to the power of the mind..."


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                    Nodding to his astute remark, Zena grinned.

                    "True Zeta, a warrior must always think first, and act second. A weapon is merely an extention of ones means to do battle. As well as the mind, the Force is a powerful ally. We are both new here, and have much to incorporate into our conscious, to render our enemies incapacitated by the omnipotence of the Darkside. There is also Sith sorcery, as Im aware your kind have acquired a command of."

                    She moved in closer. Her hand reaching for his face.

                    "Mind if I..?"

                    Again, Zena's audacious behavior got the best of her, as she touched his forehead, trailing her right hand over his frontal horn, testing the barbed tip. She flinched as a trickle of blood nicked her finger from the razor sharp point. She was mystified by this Zabrak, and attracted as well.

                    Her hand then gravitated down his forehead, trailing a line of blood, as Zena reached through the Force to tap into Zeta's mind. His mind block was unbending, and the further she probed, the more fervent the barrier halted her intrusion. Suddenly Zena was launched back with a violent jolt, sending her careening to the floor, her head first meeting the unyielding surface. Her vision blurred, as she noticed Zeta stood up with concern, her vision faded till she slowly lapsed into the abyss of unconsciousness, silently cursing herself till passing out, warned once not to try that trick till she was more trained.


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                      Hmmmm.... :nods: Any of you two wish to spar sometime?


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                        Zeta was amazed to find just how much Zena knew of his species, she was well influenced.

                        Ah, Sith Sorcery, now that was something that Zeta took great interest in. True to form, Zeta believed in using actual hand held weapons just as anyone else did. Sith Sorcery, however, that was something all together different.

                        The force, that was what Zeta longed to use above all else. Sith Sorcery and the force worked hand in hand, both being used simultaneously together.

                        Weapons did not leave much room for the element of surprise as Sith Sorcery so often did. Zeta liked the feeling of making his enemy clueless. He liked the feeling of having many options to look upon, he liked being able to craft his own abilities. It made him unique, for the wielder of any Sith Sorcery always added their own special touch to any Sith spell.

                        The Zabrak never saw it coming, even before it had begun...

                        He heard her ask, but he already seemed to know how bold she already was, his moments of observing had already told him that much. He already knew she would do, even as she asked.

                        He watched her hand slowly go up toward his forehead, he did not move. He could have stopped her had he wanted to, but he had not. He sat perfectly still, though his mind was still at work.

                        He saw her boldness come into play once more as she bravely touched the tip of his frontal horn.

                        He had not expected her to flinch at the touch of him. He figured she must have known just how sharp his horns were. He wondered if she was being careless, or if she just long to have a better perception of what was a part of him.

                        Still he never moved. His expressions never came into play, all she found was impassive behavior from him.

                        He could tell just how transfixed she was over him at the moment. It was as if she saw only him, seeming not to notice that he was not the only one in sight.

                        She'd become lost, almost bringing Zeta with her, among the lost behavior. She had almost caused him to lower his defenses, but almost was not good enough, and did not amount to complete success.

                        This part he saw coming as it happened. her hand slowly trailed down his forehead. He knew that what she had taken in thus far was simply not good enough and she wanted more.

                        He disliked being probed. He didn't like to have his mind searched, having to let someone see his most inner thoughts and feelings. His mind kept all of his secrets, and that is how he liked it, his secrets didn't belong anywhere else but there.

                        He fought against her, but the consequences that would and might occur from this struggle never seemed to cross the Zabrak's mind.

                        This was the part he had not seen coming....

                        She fought him for a little while longer, trying still to get inside his defenses. He watched her being violently torn away from his reach, and that was then how he could not help but know how and why this had occurred.

                        She had not been ready. Apparently, whatever training she had had over this new ability, it was not enough. She had tried too hard, allowing her defenses to become tired. The aftermath was what followed from this...

                        He watched her violently tip towards the floor. Her head hit the floor first. For the first time in minutes, Zeta moved. He stood up, only to immediately kneel down by her side.

                        Not a moment of his time was wasted as he placed a hand upon her forehead. He reached out with the Darkside of the force. Gathering his emotions, he reached out to her. He could feel her faintly, though she had lapsed into unconsciousness.

                        He was not strong enough to give her the strength to come back into consciousness. Her presence he could feel, was somewhat stronger than his own. Still he reached out with what he could muster, as he tried to nudge her subconscious, believing that she could somehow find his presence. He waited, seeing if she would latch onto his presence and with the aid of his presence, bring herself back into consciousness...


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                          Loki watched as Zena and Zeta conversed, and as Zena attempted to probe Zeta, and failed. Interesting, Bartender! another drink. Getting up Loki walked to where Zena had fallen and where Zeta was attempting to reawaken her. Zabraks, Loki thought, such a paradox so much like my own species yet so different.


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                            Her eyes opened up as they met the Zabrak's. He posed an intimidating vista to behold. Still, Zena found herself attracted to him. In awe of his radiant eyes and protruding horns, and his crimson skin marked with black tattoos. He was built solid, and probably adept at hand to hand combat. This notion intrigued her further.

                            "I'm ok, Zeta. Blast that hurts. Sorry about the intrusion. My curiosity plagues me at times. It will be the death of me yet."

                            She got back up to her seat with his assistance, ordering another ale, as she she set about to drink away her headache.

                            This guy packs quite a Force punch. I could imagine how he is with weapons.

                            Zena grinned over to him.

                            "I won't try that again."


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                              Zeta helped Zena to her feet, though his eyes never once pulled away from her presence. He waited until she had sat down before returning to his own seat.

                              "Lady Zena, if you don't mind me saying so, there is no need for intrusion. Whatever you wish to know about me, simply ask it. However, I may or may not give you an answer...That is of my discretion."

                              His eyes moved away from her face and onto her hand for a small moment, reflecting on what had happened.

                              He took another sip of his ale as his eyes fell onto her face again.

                              "Won't try what again, exactly?"

                              He'd known what she'd meant. Probing did not seem to set well with her, but he still wondered about just what exactly she would not be trying again. Her boldness seemed to allow her to try a great number of things, at least from Zeta's perspective.