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Philosopy and Beer?

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  • Philosopy and Beer?

    *Bi0 sat at his usual seat at the bar counter swirling a glass of cold water with ice. Firmly believing, that any alcholic drink would lower ones guard, Bi0 stayed away from such things. But, he was thankful none of his fellow Sith found that a sign of weakness. However, he'd been drinking the clear substance for years...he was beginning to think it was getting old...*

    "I suppose I could say it's getting old and that I could break it but, it's been with me so long, breaking the habit would be as hard as fighting Darth Maul himself...".

    *Bi0 lifted his hand and guided toward a throat in need of water. Upon drinking the refreshing drink, Bi0 couldn't help but think about how he he wasn't tempted by any other drink*

    "I normally say that alchol lowers ones guard but I wonder if that's the real reason...maybe I just don't like the taste or maybe it's the fact that alchol, drinking in large volumes, would make one act not like ones would go so far as to say that alchol sometimes brings out are nonmodest side..."

    *Bi0 always enjoyed Philosophy when he was growing up with his sister Jenny. Since Bi0 rejected using magic, he secretly went after philosopy because of the number of reasons it held for the bear and simple mind of people. Of course, pinning down alchol in a philosophical term was probably at best, a poor example. Bi0 knew that Vega, Dyne, and many other Sith who were Lords or Masters themselves, could withstand alchols heavy grib even if they drank it in large volumes. But this lead Bi0 to ponder something he might have forgotten...*

    "If they can withstand it's grib, then why do they drink it? What powers does alchol have that allows them to repel it's powers yet continue to drink it? *ponders* Prehaps it's some kind of Dualism thing?"

    *Dualism in philosopy terms means that the mind and body work as one yet remain seperate. Applying this to alchol and it's users, the mind being the alchol, and the body being the user, Bi0 would not piece together how they worked as one...*

    "Prehaps the only way is to make myself drink the drink itself and see it's effects...but for a being such as myself who has drinken water for most of his lifetime, the effects could be bad. Maybe if I talked to one of my fellow Sith who drink a great deal can help me explain if Dualism plays a role in the unexplained reason why people who can withstand alchol, continue to reach out for it's endless arm...".

    *Bi0 finished off his water and returned to pondering*

    "I find this neither silly nor stupid depsite what others might learn philosopy is to love all wisdom regardless of how silly it may be...Bar keeper, another glass of water please".

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    :: A young Sith woman entered into Rama’s Bar and looked about the room for someone she knew. Then, Kekoa walked towards the Bar and ordered a glass of red wine. Upon paying the credits and receiving her glass of wine, Kekoa glanced over her left shoulder and saw Bi0. Grinning slightly, Kekoa asked Bi0, “Mind if I join you, Bi0?”

    :: Seeing Bi0 gesture his hand to a chair beside him, Kekoa moved aside and took her seat there while setting her glass down on the cold table top. Kekoa listened to Bi0 speak about alcoholic drinks, habits, and change. ::

    :: Kekoa picked up her glass of wine and sipped from it a few times before setting it down once again. She quietly studied Bi0 upon a brief grin, as he spoke of breaking a habit. ::

    :: Kekoa remarked, “Change is often hard to do when one is conditioned only to go in a certain direction. If the mind or body has been conditioned to only react one way, a sudden change will disrupt your reaction while the mind and body becomes temporarily confused.” She sat quietly on the chair and scanned the surroundings of the bar while listening to Bi0 once again. ::

    :: Kekoa nodded in agreement about the effect of having too much alcohol placing a clear state of mind into disarray. “But if you only have an occasional alcoholic drink and consume the drink with moderation, you could discipline yourself not to exceed the quality. However, I do believe that the others, who drink a lot, are still effected by the alcohol in the drinks in some way or another. Each being does hold different chemical reaction levels in their own body’s and all would react differently if put to the test. In away Bi0, consuming a drink of alcohol would be like a drink of fresh water for those who can somewhat withstand the alcoholic chemical effects.” ::


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      *Bi0 swirled his glass of water yet again*

      "Prehaps Kekoa....but I still wonder why a person needs alchol and alchol needs them. I see no advantage that alchol gives other than making one drunk. I'm sure they people who drink it know this...and yet they still drink it..."

      *Turns toward Kekoa*

      "However, I took notice of what you said about how the mind or body going in one way and how a sudden change could get in their way. So are you saying that the people who drink alchol have somehow become dependent on it?"

      *Turns back toward looking at the various bottles behind the bar counter*

      "And I still can't see the relationship...I fear the only way for me to find out is to subject myself to alchols grib...but the chance of that is slim to none...I might as well go and join the Jedi...*small laugh...looks at Kekoa* Just kidding by the way".

      *Takes a sip of his water*


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        now why would you go and do that?*kira spoke from another table not even looking at the two strangers but could hear them.she looked over at them and smirked.he amber colored eyes flashing with a curious color befor turning to the original shade.she tucked a few of the silver starnds of hair back behind her ears and looked back down at the design of the weapon she was designing for a freind.*


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          *Bi0 didn't take well to Sith he didn't know well but replyed to the question*

          "Do what? Turn Jedi or me drinking?"


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            :: Kekoa took another sip from the glass of Red wine and set the glass down again while listening to Bi0’s reply. ::

            “True Bi0. I also do not see how Alcohol could give any one an advantage. Yes, in ways some beings can grow dependent on the effects of Alcohol or non-effects in some cases. It’s like craving for a favorite food or fruit. It sometimes takes control over the being in searching or retrieving the item to finally devour it. I believe that everyone’s body sends out messages to their brain where it sometimes call for stimulating products to feed their particular cravings or tastes as it were. That is why I mentioned the part about the mind and body being conditioned to certain things. Example: If you drank a known poisonous liquid that would have very devastating effects in your body, you could condition or train your body to accept its initial effects by taking in smaller doses of the posioned fluid. Therefore, your body would soon become immune to the poisonous effects.”

            :: She looked to her right side and saw the being addressing Bi0. Kekoa was waiting for the being to answer Bi0, thinking he would tear the being from limb to limb or even worse should her answer not agree with Bi0. She grinned on that thought and looked back at Bi0, as she took another sip of the red wine in the glass. ::


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              *Turns back to Kekoa*

              "Poison is something different...Poison kills, Alchol gets you drunk. And I admit taken small numbers of poison little by little will make one immune to it's effects. But being immune to poison is good since no one can cowardly poison your drink or food. However, drinking Alchol little by little to become immune to it's effects doesn't serve any purpose..."

              *Looks at his glass then back at Kekoa*

              "I truly think the only reason most people drink alchol is to show their not afraid to drink something tough...a waste of time in my book...showing you can be tough by drinking a tough drink doesn't prove anything. Wise use of the Dark Side and your skill with a saber is what really makes someone tough in my book...and they don't drink alchol as well *small laugh*"

              *Takes a sip of water*


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                ::Lyra chuckles softly as she listens to the two waxing philosophic over beer as she finishes her own.::


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                  *kira chuckled at his remark and turned back around* as you can probably not jedi or your probably thinking...and no i have very great doubt you'd turn jedi.drinking is another matter altogether..*kira sipped at her coffee,she toyed with one of the small pictures on her table and slamed her small fist down.then she straitend up and sighed* it is nothing..just forget i said anything sometimes my mind wanders


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                    *Stays where he is*

                    "Well at least this beer is good..."

                    *Sees Bi0, Kekoa, and Lyra*

                    "Strange they talk over beer...taste fine to me..."


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                      *Bi0 remained silent to the "wanderer"*


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                        :: Sunerai snorted from where she is seated ::

                        There are many reason why one could drink....Fear, sleep, need, or the urge to kill ones feelings....

                        :: she turned and looked at Bi0 and friends, her face showing no emotion ::

                        And then there are people like myself, who drink to forget....

                        :: she takes a sip of her drink and moves over to stand near the table where the Sith group sat ::