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  • An old soul...

    ::Yurza walked into Rama's and looked around. It had been a long time since he had been in the establishment. He watched old freinds and allies walked past as well as new faces. He coudl see that much had changed in his time absent. He himself had changed a lot also. Those who knew him might recognizeit as a new maturity that had formed in him. He looked up to see a server droid in front of him::

    "Bring me a mug of your strongest ale now......"

    ::After the droid took his order and left, Yurza sat down at a nearby table and rested his hands. He then sat back as he looked at al the people passing him, while he waited for his ale to arrive::

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    Though one didn't stop. Satine Capashen pulls up a seat, and smiles slightly.

    "Well, well. Haven't seen you in a while Yurza. How ya been?"


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      There is a first for everything...

      The Zabrakian thought as he stepped into Rama's for the first time.

      The atmosphere seemed welcoming, even to a Sith like Zeta. He hadn't found many places where he was welcomed.

      He stood at the entrance for a moment, glancing around before he took it upon himself to find a seat. The seat that he did take was far off and into the back of Rama's.

      After all, this was his first time here, he wasn't much for visiting yet, just for observing.


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        ::Yurza nodded to Satine::

        "I have been doing about yourself?"


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          "Fairly good. Just bored. So, you hear you got a new sister-in-law?"


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            "yes....I've only had the pleasure of talking to her once though.....still how my pitiful exucse for a brother ended up with thaty is beyond me."


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              Satine raises an eyebrow.

              "If you ask me, they both chose well."


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                I stepped into the bar for the first time, right behind Zeta. I could tell it was his first time also just by looking at his face. I walked over to the table where a young man around my age and some other guy sat.

                "Hey, my name is Snoopy, mind if I have a seat?"


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                  Satine looks at the newcomer with a hint of amusement on his face.

                  "Snoopy can't be your real name, though it is a good nickname."

                  He then turns to Yurza.

                  "I see no reason why he can't join us, do you?"


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                    "You are right, Snoopy is not my given name. But my real name is of no importance now."

                    I tried not to sound mean, but I wasnt so sure about giving strangers my real name yet. Maybe later, when I get to know these people better.

                    ooc: In actuality, I havent thought of a real name yet lol


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                      ::Yurza turned to the newcomer and the one next to him::

                      "Sure...I see no reason they can't come on over."


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                        "Thank you," said Snoopy, as he took his seat next to Satine. "So, how are you guys doin today?"


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                          "I'm doing good. I don't think I've introduced myself yet. The name's Satine Capashen, Warrior Jedi Knight. The scowling one across the table from me is Yuza, or nothing in particular." Satine says, grinning.


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                            "I have heard of you before, Capashen," said Snoopy. "Same for you, Yurza. I did some research before I came, and I remember reading a little about you two."


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                              Alpha gives a little chuckle.

                              "If you read the stuff from the Sith databases, then what they have about me is probably a lie."