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    Sighing slightly, Eimi pushed the doors of Rama's open and stepped inside. Her sea-green eyes glanced around at the inhabitants in slight interest - especially since a few seemed to be Sith.


    She wasn't a Darksider, nor a Lightsider ... So what was she doing here ? Simple. She had found her lost brother and sent him a message to meet her here, where they'd be less noticable.

    Finding an empty booth in the back, she sat down, rubbing her arms slightly to escape from the chill that hovered in the air.

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    Re: Lost, but Found

    *Nash walked through the doors of the bar and looked around, he had been asked to come by someone he did not even know.. They sounded like they knew him but how...? as he walked forword me felt the gazzes of sith apon him... he did not mind.. after all he was a jedi and has become far used to it..*

    It feels just the same as when the jedi do it..

    *He looked around.. he was somewhat lost because they did not describe what he was to look for.. just to meet them here.*

    A goose chase...? Why do I bother listening to what people want...


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      She could sense the sudden change in the air as a stranger walked in. One man clenched his glass so tight that his knuckles turned white. Frowning, Eimi turned her attention on the man. Nash. Seeing his confused look as he glanced around Rama's, she realized that he did not know who she was ... or rather, where she was. Suddenly, Nash could hear a voice in his head.

      "Psst .. Over here, before you draw attention. I'm in the back of the room in a booth."


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        Not good

        *The atmosphere was turning against him quickly.. and if he did not get out of the attention soon it might get bad.. Then he heard it.. someone telling him to go to the back booths.. not taking the time to think he walked over to a booth with a woman sitting alone.. Something told him that she was who he was to find..*


        "Um... Hello there?"


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          Her eyes widened visibly as she saw her brother. Wow .. He changed alot ... Of course, it had been over eight years since they saw each other.

          "Hello Nash. Are you going to stand there all day, or are you going to take a seat ... Brother ?"


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            Brother? I must be hearing things..

            *He figured he was hearing things and did not follow up on what he thought if she said brother... He nodded and sat down.. He could not say how but he felt like he knew her somehow.. But he had no siblings he was an only child..*

            "Um... what do you need?"


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              Eimi rolled her eyes as Nash's comment. God, he didn't change one bit.

              "... Well, first off, my name's Eimi. Your lost sister."


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                *Nash was taken by supprise.. he did not recall a sister.. He straightend himself out and started to think this over.*

                I guess I am not hearing things..

                ".....Hello Eimi, have you had to much to drink?"


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                  She closed her eyes, her golden eyelashes adorning her eyelids. A slight chuckle escaped from her lips as she opened her eyes back up.

                  "Nash, for once in your life, can you take matters seriously ?"


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                    seriously.. I want to know what the hell is going on..

                    *He smiled.. she seemed nice... and he did not smell any boos on her.. but how did she know his name.. and why did she say he was her brother?*

                    "Right now I just want to know why I am here.. and how you know me.."


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                      She hesitated slightly, an emotionless expression forming on her features.

                      "Something happened to our parents, and we were both rushed to the Stolars. They adopted us both even though they really only wanted a son, so they made me become the servant girl. I would spend my days sweeping and dusting, cooking and weeding, sewing and washing. If I didn't do something just right, I would get whipped and sent outside with no dinner ..

                      "Finally, I was freed, being that you had left, and for once I could do whatever I wanted .. I came to find you, being that you were the only soul I remember being nice to me, not to mention you're my brother."


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                        *He nodded.. he felt sorry.. is what she said true.. and if it was it was his fault.. but deep down he felt that there was more.. something left out in the story.. she knew he had left his family at an early time... but he had another family? and a sister?*

                        Is it lies?

                        *before he could think he had spoke.. what he said surprised him..*

                        "I am sorry if it was really my fault that such things happened and the only was you were happy is when I left.."

                        Why did I apologize.. I don't even know her.. but am I supposed to?

                        "If the were not stolars m-- our. real family who is and what happend to them?"


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                          "Mum and Dad were known as Jody and Paul DiMetrie ... I do not know what their fates were, except that they were slaughtered like animals."

                          "And no need to apologize,"

                          She added quickly in his head.


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                            "Sorry... Um slaughterd? DId they find out who or why?"

                            *He took a quick glance around the bar... no one seemd to care that he was there now..*


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                              Suddenly Eimi's fist slammed down on the tabletop and she stood up, glaring at Nash.

                              "Did they find out who or why?!"

                              Her voice was raising in volume.

                              "If I knew, then I swear on their graves I would've found the ingrateful being that did such deeds, and kill them with my own bare hands!"

                              Breathing rather heavily at this point, she noticed that she had drawn attention to them and sat down rather uncomfortably.