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    Sitting in the bar, in the middle of the cluster of members surrounding him, Vega grinned widely. There were so many people at the Empire now, with new members joining each day. The roster grew quickly and became more impressive as the skills of each darksider improved ten fold. Sadly though, Vega felt as though he was not quite in touch with a lot of the newer members, so thought he might go try find some in the bar.

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    **Sukura slinked up behind Vega and poked her head over his right shoulder, she laughed a bit wickedly in his ear and then plopped down in a chair besides him**

    "Is this the Real Vega...? Reaching out to people..?" **She smirked**

    "Then again you've always been a bit more open and nicer than many around...such as myself.." **She wrinkled up her nose**

    "I've always chosen my friends carefully...and sadly drifted away from them..." **She shrugged her shoulders slightly**

    "Oh well...I'm back now..and everyone will know! Gwahaha...and such"


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      "Oh come now... surely I'm permitted to be social on occasion," he said through a laugh, knowing really that he did not enjoy getting to know others so frequently.

      "It means I get to see old friends more often and make new ones in time."

      Vega smiled slyly across the table at Sukura.

      "Good to see you've returned once more, of course. It's never the same without you."


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        **Sukura laughed and ran a hand through her hair**

        "Of course its never the same without me! How could it be...I mean come now...When I'm not around who does the stupid things that make no sense but always tend to make someone laugh..?"

        **She grinned one of her famous Suki grins**


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          "My thoughts exactly," he said through a laugh.

          "So tell me, how is life treating you Sukura?"