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  • Hearts in Ice.

    Jezebella silently watched from the shadows of her secluded corner as many people entered and left Rama's. She took note of the many couples that were here tonight and sneered.

    As a serving droid rolled over to her private table it took note of who she was and went off to get her usual glass of red wine.

    With a sigh of boredom, she pondered the rest of the corner with little interest and awaited for her drink to arrive

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    Moving stealithly toward a table at the back of Rama's, Daegal saw a woman sitting alone that he had met once before. He knew her as Jezebella, and felt that it was only polite to go say hello. He walked slowly over and introduced himself.

    "Greetings. I am Daegal, I believe we met once before?"


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      Jezebella slowly slid her gaze up to the familiar face of Daegal Murdoch. It had certainly been a long time since she had seen him. She nodded and forced out an expression somewhat like a smile

      "I remember you quite well, Daegal. And yes...we have met once before...although that was a while ago."