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Deep in the Night

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  • Deep in the Night

    With an evening so mysterious, not even the guardian of the shadows could ask for the outcomes. Instead, she merely sat between her minions of the night, slowly sipping from a tall and veiled wine glass. The liquid was unclear in the darkness, something dark and shadowy, like the corner in which she sat. Her eyes slowly scanned the tavern, but she saw nothing.
    "An odd evening, indeed..."

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    A foot stepped into the tavern from the darkness of the night. It was an all too familiar presence in the bar. The Lord positioned himself in front of the main counter. He slid the hood off over his head then sat down on one of the stools. Looking down at the counter, he saw the reflection of his face. Dyne was emotionless but waited for the tender patiently to order a drink. He felt another Force presence there, but didnt quite turn around to notice who it was. As the bartender came to him, he ordered a simple glass of water. He was in awe at Dyne, that wasnt a usual for him. The bartender shrugged then got the glass of water and slid it down to him. Dyne grabbed the glass in his palm and took a sip, still rather quiet. The tavern was packed with the usual people. He could catch bits and pieces of conversations around him, just regular folk talk.



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      Something caused her to glance upwards again. Slowly, ever-so-slowly, people materialized. Lana saw the people she seemed to only pass by moments before.
      She leaned on one hand against her table, looking around. The disciple felt almost fatigued, but showed boredom instead. Her eyes landed on the newly promoted dark lord. This, of course, caused her to smile slightly.
      "...Mister Dyne..."


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        Dyne's eyebrow arched as her voice seeped into his ears. Almost in slow motion he glanced from the corner of his eyes. Even though her voice was soft spoken, his keen Force senses helped him pick it up. Besides, he knew there was another Force presence in the bar. The "mister" threw him off though, he wasnt used to those type of formalities. He didnt know if it came with the territory of being Lord, or it was just Lana's style. Seemed liked an awful lot of his comrades were doing the same. It made him sound older even though he was surely not. The Lord turned slowly to see Lana was the one who called him out. He raised his glass of water up towards her, taking a sip. Within the Force, he greeted her back from his place at the bar counter.

        "Greetings Ms. for another at your table?"


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          "Of course, Mister Darkforce."

          Lana motioned to the vacant seat across from her as she moved her drink to the side. Her lips curled slightly as she spoke again:

          "What brings you here? It's not the alcohol, is it?"

          Her eyes scanned his glass of water before looking again to the Sith Lord.


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            Deep in the Night

            As Dyne got up from his place, he began to walk towards her table. The Lord spoke to her through the Force in the meantime, passing other tables and visitors.

            "I wouldnt say so, more then likely to just get my thoughts together..."

            Arriving at the table, he graciously bowed his head slightly. He pulled out a chair then sat down in it, taking a sip of his water again.


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              "Ah... then that makes the both of us."
              Lana considered bringing the wine glass to her lips again, then thought better of it. She frowned and gazed at the tabletop absent-mindedly.
              "I've been doing that a lot lately. A lot have been confusing this young Sith... Life in particular."


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                Deep in the Night

                "Ah...that is an all too familiar territory with me."

                He finished the glass of water and placed it back onto the top of the table. Dyne looked over at her while she was gazing at the glass absently. The Lord had been there before, so he could relate with her.

                "The key is to move on and try to not let it trouble and hinder your ways."


                "Everyone has that problem sooner or later, the question is whether or not they can still go on and not quit. At the sametime, the person needs to find a way to solve the problems."

                He motioned for a tender to come over to him to get a refill of his water. As the tender came over, he lifted his glass over to him and watched the water pour in. As he left, Dyne set the glass back down again, looking at her.

                "I find that meditating helps greatly. Sort the problems out then handle them one at a time."


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                  She considered this as strongly as she considered downing the rest of her drink. Lana managed to pry her eyes from the glass so that she could think more about Dyne's advice.
                  "--I may just try that."


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                    "Not a bad idea."

                    He flashed a rather small smile, hoping she would try it. Taking another drink, he narrowed his eyes and grinned towards her direction.

                    "Maybe some water might help....quench your thirst?"


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                      "Yeah... anything's better than intoxication right about now."
                      When a droid came by their table, she motioned for it to take her half emptied wine glass away. A glass of water was also requested.
                      "So Dyne... What have you been upto?"
                      She leaned back in her chair and cantered her head.