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Peddling In Flesh

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  • Peddling In Flesh

    Collapsing into the relitive comfort of a hard bar chair, Darius had a bottle of JD's brought over and knocked back his first glass of the day.

    The universe only knew how he deserved the drink, it had been an early start that resulted in him lugging a bulky and heavy package around all day; now, hopefully he could off-load it on its rightfull owner, still it would be good to see his fathers reaction.

    From the large box at his feet came a whimper, twiching aside the cloth just to check the contents, Darius cast a cursory glance at the 'gift'.


    what will mother think?

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    "Who cares what your mother will think?"

    Darius looked up to see his father staring down at him, one eyebrow raised quizically. He glanced sideways slightly at the box behind Darius, before looking back to the young Lupine with a smirk.


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      Pouring a second glass of whiskey and sliding it across the table, Darius waited for his father to take a seat.
      It took the big lupine a second to dash his drink back and be ready for a second.

      "Well, the thing is," he paused for a sip, "I happened to be passing Tattoine and saw this."

      With a shove, Darius sent the moderate sized cage spinning into the centre of the bar, at the same time he hauled the covering cloth off to reveal...


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        She layed in the middle of the cage, against her side, propped up by her left arm. She looked around nervously at the patrons, wondering who she had been bought for. She stayed silent and waited for her new master to reveal him... or herself.


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          Vega canted his head downwards, still sitting in his seat. He watched the cage, eyebrow raising further upwards as he caught sight of the blue figure inside. She was lounging lewdly, but he could sense that her mind was filled with concern and fear about what was going on.

          "Why are you bringing me women in boxes, Darius?"


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            "I thought bringing you women in boxes was infinitely better than bringing you women in a basket with a side order of fries."

            Continuing his drink, hten looking back to his father:

            "I am bringing you a gift, something to relieve your tensions; things being the way they are with mother, i thought you could use a distraction."


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              Her eyes focused on the man that her buyer was talking to, he appeared to be her new master. She kept silent not wanting to speak out of line or make any moves to displease her.

              She bit down on her lower lip slightly in nervousness.


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                "Distraction? I have my own private little distraction already," he said, his mind wandering to a female Lupine that he knew for a moment.

                He blinked, and glanced back towards the girl.

                "Does she just sit in thereand look scared?"


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                  Re: Peddling in Flesh

                  (This message was left blank)


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                    Re: Peddling in Flesh

                    "Works for me."

                    Flashing a grin, Darius considered exactly why he wanted to give this beautiful example of flesh away.

                    "I could always take her away, if thats what you want."

                    Fishing out the keys to the cage and placing them onto the table Darius asked.

                    "Is that what you want, father?"


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                      Re: Peddling in Flesh

                      He squinted at Darius.

                      "No. I think I will have her, she can be a servant or something," he said with a defiant grin.


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                        Re: Peddling in Flesh

                        Feeling as if he had forgotten something, Darius patted himself down then clicked his fingers.

                        "I have something else, wait a moment."

                        Dissapearing from the bar for a moment, Darius returned to his ship to retreve the 'little extras' that he had been sold.

                        Returning to the bar, carrying a shiny new metal collar with a chain attached to it earnt him some funny looks, but as soon as he placed them on the table, he had the funny looks from his father to deal with.

                        "What?!?" he asked irately "It was an all inclusive deal; by the girl, get...acessories for half price, I wasn't going to argue."

                        Hideing behind his glass Darius awaited the response.


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                          Re: Peddling in Flesh

                          Vega grinned and pushed the unusual items back towards Darius.

                          "I'm sure these will be more of use to you, Darius... I've heard the stories about your antics with the other boys at night," Vega said through a laugh, taking a sip of his drink.


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                            Re: Peddling in Flesh

                            Sieken plumped down upon a stall beside the young Daruis his head gave a sharp nod towards the Sith Lord Vega before looking directly at the young Lupines eyes.

                            ' Ah..i see young Daruis is getting into girls at such a ripe old age..' Sieken said with a smile of sarcasem.

                            Sieken lent his arms down apon the table still looking at the boy...


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                              Re: Peddling in Flesh

                              She cringed a bit as she saw the chain, a horrible device the slave trader had used to make sure she didn't leave his side.

                              She shuddered as she thought of that man, his hairy neck, and rolls of lard. He had been an absolute pig.