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Having a Drink(Nikki)

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  • Having a Drink(Nikki)

    ::Chaos walked in the bar with Nikki. They had been talking in teh hallways and Chaos had offered her a drink. He made his way to a table and called a waitress over.::

    "I would like a JD. get my friend here anything she wishs."

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    Re: Having a Drink(Nikka)

    Nikka followed behind him and sat down at the table. As the waitress approached, she nodded toward her.

    "I'll have a red wine please."

    She turned to Chaos and smiled. She indeed enjoyed talking with him, but there were other things on her mind at the present moment.


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      ::Chaos took a sip of his drink and looked at the other Sith.::

      "You seemed troubled. I didn't even have to use my Sith Knight powers to find that out. Pray tell, what is on your mind?"


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        She sipped her drink as well and shrugged, staring down at the crimson tinted liquid in the clear goblet.

        "I was just..thinking of someone, that's all..."


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          ::Chaos looked at Nikka.::

          "If it is on your mind, then it is worth talkin' about."


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            "'s someone I've recently met..."

            Her heart fluttered at the thought of this person, whom she already feels drawn to.

            "But.. I thought love was almost impossible in these parts."


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              ::Chaos smiled one of his smiles.::

              "It is easier than you think. Let em guess the name....Phantom?"


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                Nikka turned as red as her hair that time, being flushed with an overload of emotion. She managed to flash a small grin and nod slowly.



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                  ::Chaos chucked slightly. He then raised his glass.::

                  "Heres to teh best of luck with you two. He is a good man. Better than most and a dear friend of mine."


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                    She smiled and raised her glass as well.

                    "Thank you... It's going pretty slow right now... Believe me, I am in no hurry to start anything as of now."