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  • By the look of things..... looked as if things hadn't changed much since Sten had actually taken a seat in the bar. Nothing had hardly changed, except for the new faces. As Sten finds a seat in a corner somewhere, and orders a bottle of 'Correlia's Finest Hard Liquor', he reabsorbs the atmosphere once again. Time to break the silence of antisociality...That is, if anyone would even talk to a four-foot-eleven monkey. But until someone does approach him, Sten simply opens and begins to drink it straight from the bottle. He thinks to himself, "Damn, this is some good stuff. I might wanna mix this flavor in with my moonshine..."

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    Talk to a four-foot-eleven monkey? Zeta would, if given the chance to. Thought he'd only do so if he was invited to. Zeta was never one to present his presence to someone unless it was welcomed or unless he needed to take care of trouble.

    He could not help but stare at the monkey in an observant manner. He'd never seen anyone such as Sten before. The monkey intrigued him, though his staring probably did not seem to go unnoticed by the monkey at all, Zeta wasn't exactly being discreet about it.


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      She smirked at Zeta from her table, a grin crossing her face... "But dear, how will you ever make any friends?"


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        Zeta slowly removed his gaze away from the monkey and onto the speaker that spoke. He carefully looked the woman over, observing her.

        "Friends? I've not ever had very many, if any at all. I am a loner, and keep to myself unless company invites me."


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          "You'll grow out of the loner-hardman-I'm-a-tortured-soul phase within a month or so," Vega said with a grin, speaking from his usual table in the bar.


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            *Sitting only a few bar seats away from the 4' 11" monkey, Bi0 slowly turned his eyes toward Sten and then back at his glass of cold water. Bi0 didn't find this Sith Warriors features bizzare...if anything, he was bizzare to Sten*

            "Nice night..."

            *Turns full attention to Sten*

            "What poison(drink) are you drinking my friend?"

            *Takes a sip of his glass of water*


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              "I have no friends, myself. I have my allies, my daughters, and my mate."


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                "Well, fine. I give up the loner/torturted soul/ whatever-the-hell-you-just-said phase right now! And this isn't poison, this is a high quality drink, thank you very much. And come on Nuri, I thought we was friends. Or at least your were kinda friendly to me when I first came here."


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                  *Bi0 couldn't help but laugh at the events going on around him*

                  "Hey, least it's better then what normally goes on in this place".


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                    : VJ walked by the group of people talking, he saw a few he had met before, Zeta and Nuriko, both had seemed highly intelligent: Do you all mind if I join in?


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                      Zeta recognized Lord Vega Van Derveld voice as soon as he spoke, Zeta had been the lucky Sith to be questioned by the Sith Lord when Zeta came to join, seeking acceptance into the Empire.

                      He did not wish to question the Sith Lord, but he did have his own doubts.

                      "Pardon me, Lord Van Derveld, but somehow I just don't see that happening."

                      Zeta was not a friendly Zabrak to begin with, so it was very rare for the Sith to grow any type of bond with anyone.

                      Zeta did not give VJ a yes or a no reply, but simply motioned to an unoccupied seat.

                      "Far be it from any of us to stop you..."


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                        "Everyone here needs to loosen up. Here, have a drink, my treat."

                        Sten motions for a droid to come and orders a round of drinks for everyone.


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                          "Make mine a water Sten...I don't drink alchol..."


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                            "Gotya. One water. Anyone else?"


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                              "JD," he chipped in.