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    My, how things change in life, a young woman of about 19 thought to herself as she entered the bar. She glanced around briefly, No sign of him.

    She made her way over to the bar, pushing dark purple strands of hair out of her face. Not like I'd know what he would look like, Mother's pictures are almost twenty years old, she thought.

    Taking a seat at the bar she glanced around again, then saw a man in the corner. Worth a shot, she sighed mentaly, From his angle he can proably see everything that goes on. getting up again and walking over.

    "Excuse me, I'm looking for Xanatos Etanial," she inquired.

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    The ancient Sith Lord looked at the girl as she walked towards him. There was something familiar about her though he knew he had never seen her before, the Sith Lord was old but he never forgot a face. Sifting through all the people he knew only one stood out, a slight smile spread across his face.

    Well, this is intrsting, i'm suprised I didn't know, but perhaps he didn;t know...

    DarkStar sipped the glass of water he always had in the bar, when she came to a stop before him and asked her question DarkStar was even more sure of the intresting nature of the situation.

    "I am a friend, if the man has such things, of Xanatos...he is not here but will be shortly,"

    He motioned for her to take a seat at the table with him and motioned for a droid to come over.

    "If you are willing to wait,"

    DarkStar's cold green eyes blazed with fire, things were deffinitely going to get interesting and he indended to stick around for them to happen.


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      "I've waited this long," Xandra replied half bitterly taking the offered seat. "I think I have the patience to wait a bit longer."

      She sighed mentaly again and watched the door, watching and waiting. There were some skills that mother had drilled into her a little to well. To bad she isn't here now, she thought.


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        ::Xanatos tore into the bar sighing heavily and dropping a large duffle bag onto the ground uncaringly. It had been a long trip, and he was glad to be home, but he'd be far happier when he had a Chardonnay in front of him.

        He ordered his usual drink from the bar and sipped it, leaning against the railing, until an unusual coupling caught his eye. Darkstar was sitting with a woman obviously not his wife, as well as quite a bit younger than himself. Not one to pass this opportunity by he walked over.::

        "Tsk, tsk, tsk. Darkstar, Really. What would your wife say about you prancing about with a younger woman? HMMMM?"

        :arkstar's reply was one he HADN'T expected::

        "Ah... we were just talking about you Xanatos."

        :arkstar nodded to the man in front of him::

        "This is Xanatos Etanial."

        ::X raised an eyebrow questioningly, What WAS going on?::


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          Xandra nodded and stood up to greet Xanatos. "Hello... father," she said simply, trying to be polite and keep her voice neutral. Diffrent parts of her wanted to take diffrent angles to this situation. One wanted to ask a thousand questions, another wanted to yell at him for leaving her and her mother. "If you remember at all," she added before thinking.

          There it goes, Xan, she thought to herself. So much for a good impression.


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            ::His face dropped as he swallowed hard::

            "I hate to dissapoint you, but you're mistaken."

            ::He shook his head, it wasn't possible, it couldn't be. She couldn't be his daughter, but... the more he looked at her, the more he saw his own reflection in her. Her hair wasn't a natural color for a human, but far too common among Mythosians, her features, her build, even her voice. But it just couldn't be possible, how could he father this young girl, she couldn't have been more than what, 20?

            His thoughts took a U-turn as he suddenly recalled a trip to Courascant nearly 20 some years ago, and to a young waitress named Kaley...

            He gulped hard and said, this time not quite so sure::

            "No... no. You have me mistaken."


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              Xandra shook her head, "Take a good long look at me, father, and tell me I'm mistaken again," she replied. "My name is Xandra Etanial, I grew up with my mother on Coruscant."

              Did he not know? Why else would ne not return? she asked herself, her eyes watching Xanatos intently, waiting for his responce.


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                "I have two children, both nothing more than genetic copies of me created in a lab. Both I wish hadn't been created. Those are sadly my only children, you have me mistaken for someone else."


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                  Xandra sighed yet again and pulled out a picture of her mother and placed it on the table before him. "Kaley," she said simply as she unclasped a bracelet from her wrist and placed it under the picture. "You gave that to my mother close to twenty years ago now," she had an almost impacient look on her face. "Remember yet?"


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                    ::As hard as it was for those to see, X was nearly in tears now. He stared down at the photo and the bracelet.

                    It had been so many years ago, no more than a year after his divorce, and just before his death. He had been on Courascant for some...

                    "Business" and had happened to stop in a small tavern called the 'Lonesome Cry'. He had met her there, the most innocent, sweet and trusting woman he had ever known. They became fast friends. And then, much more. He had stayed on Courascant for a week so he could spend as much time with her as possible. Kaley...

                    It had been on their final night together he had given her that bracelet, and promised to come back to her as soon as possible. They found their way into each others arms that night, a night of magic and passion.

                    In the morning it was over though, and he was gone. He hadn't even left a note. Just the promise to return. A promise he never fulfilled.

                    He looked at the young lady in front of him again, a tear rolling down his cheek. What could he say, after all these years.::

                    "I'm sorry."

                    ::He managed to force those words out before almost falling into a seat, the shock having set in::


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                      Sorry for what? she thought viciously(sp). For leaving us? For never coming back? Keep your cool, Xan. You don't know the whole story yet.

                      "To bad Mother can't hear you say that," Xandra said neutraly, sitting back down. "She died about seven standard months ago now."

                      Outwardly to her father and the other man here she may have seemed cold and harsh, inwardly it pained her to speak about her mother. Her death was still fresh in her mind, even though all that time had passed.


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                        ::He closed his eyes as she said this, it wasn't what he had wanted to hear. Though he had, had a feeling. After all why else would she come looking for him after all this time::

                        "I'm truly sorry to hear that, your mother was an extraordinary woman."

                        ::He coughed slightly and sighed::

                        "I'm sure there are more than a few questions you'd like some answers to."


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                          "A few..." she replied. Like where were you, and Why didn't you keep your promice? she thought.

                          "Why didn't you come back? Mother said you promiced you would..." she asked, feeling a bit awkward. She had been prepared to defend herself, not ask questions right off the bat.


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                            ::He swallowed down and sighed::

                            "You'll find this hard to believe, but I wanted to keep that promise. But I couldn't... I..."

                            ::He hesitated not sure exactly how to word it::

                            "I passed away."


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                              Xandra gave Xanatos an odd look. "Passed away? As in... died?"

                              She shook her head in disbelief, "If that were true than why are you here now?"