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Fun with the boys (Blade Ice, Jared, VJ72, Chaos, Etc!)

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  • Fun with the boys (Blade Ice, Jared, VJ72, Chaos, Etc!)

    Stalks into Ramas' bar, eyes burning red, and slouches in a chair at an empty table. He waits, expecting company soon.

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    blade came in to the bar like a blur no one had seen him enter for he used his force speed. the next thing JaAku saw was blade sitting across the table from him staring at him.

    " so you have come back for some more fun have You? "


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      Folds his hands in front of his face, arms resting on the chair

      Patience young one, we have to wait for the others.


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        blade smirked at the ghost

        "young one and how old do you think I am"


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          Younger than I am...I'm about forty years old.


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            ::Chaos walked in and took a seat beside Blade.::

            "Yet another of my kin. I am willing to bet you are a trashy as your sister. I am your nephew Chaos."

            ::Chaos touched the Chaos amulet around his neck. A gift from his master. It amplified his power. Chaos opened his mind to the Force. He had a gift that a Sith had not had in centuries. The ability to talk to spirits as well as call them up. Chaos spoak to his uncle in Dead Speak.::

            Uncle, I think you have messed with the wrong people.


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              : walking over from his usually haunt VJ noticed Blade and some others, backflipping over a few tables he landed next to them: So whats up?


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                Jared sat at a table right slap dab next to the one Chaos, Blade, and VJ were at. He wore a black duster which hid his black leather jacket and jeans from view, his force signature was masked keeping him from being senced by the others. Oh his head he wore an old type Outback leather hat which hid his ruby hair.

                Tipping his hat off, He leaned back in the chair and looked at the others over his shoulder..

                "Miss me Spect?"


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                  Smiles as he sees his nephew for the first time, and his smile only widens as the boy "spoke" to him. Looks into Chaos eyes, hands still over his mouth, and speaks back in "dead speak"
                  My dear Chaos, you will find that my sister and I are very different...And I have no fear of these people. I'm just here to amuse myself.
                  Watches the others join them, and leans back, placing his hands on his stomach, smile showing long fangs.

                  Gentlemen, I have an idea for some fun.I'm inviting you to "play" a game with me, if you have the balls, that is.


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                    Jared sneered to himself, "What kind of 'game' do you want us to 'play' eh?"


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                      Sighs, and leans forward.
                      First, we will need a ship. I will explain it once we get to the playing field. I just need to know which of you sith are willing to join me for this game. Cowards will not be welcome.


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                        "Perhaps I should join in this game as well...."

                        Sten lowers himself from the barred ceiling.

                        "I may not be a boy, but I do have a ship, and I need something to do. And a "game" sounds like tons of fun at the time."


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                          Smiles at the strange new-comer
                          The more the merrier.


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                            "Getting a ship wouldn't be a problem, most of us here at this moment have means to get one." Jared replied, taking a delivered shot of vodka from a droid an downing it.


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                              *Snack sat in his normal booth drinking a glass of water. He overheard the topic at hand, wondering what exactly this was for, and why this person wished for members of the Empire to join along. Never trust a stranger.

                              Finishing off his glass, Snack got up and made his way over to the gathering Sith. His eyes met JaAku's in a cold piercing way.

                              I'm coming along as well.