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  • Darkness.....

    Danya entered the bar, "Rama's Corner", for the first time since she arrived at the Sith Empire. It was dark and quiet.....a nice change from her old life. Perhaps here she could meet some new people who were like her and did not consider her a freak. Sighing with a bit of relief as she noticed no strange looks, she sat down at an empty table and looked around at all of the people that were gathered there. Maybe someone would talk to her sometime.

    The woman brushed her light blonde hair from her face and let her bright cyan eyes watch the happenings in the quiet establishment. It was very interesting to listen to bits and pieces of conversation that was occuring around her. Someone walked by her and nearly tripped on her black velvet robes that were gathered at her feet and laying a bit in the way of "traffic". Apologizing softly, she pulled them in closer to her and sighed, resting her elbows on the table and her chin on her hands.

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    Almost having stood on the girls robes, Vega smirked somewhat as he looked down at her.

    "Wonderful way to make your first impressions," he said jokingly.


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      The young woman looked up at Vega and flushed a color of crimson. She smiled nervously, hoping that it was not that bad of a thing to have done.

      "Greetings once again....would you join me for a drink?"

      She questioned with an icy smile. He was quite attractive.....and so familiar. It was an odd feeling that she couldn't she had seen him or known him in the past. Brushing the thought aside, she motioned for him to sit in the empty chair across from her. It would be good to get to know someone...


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        Shrugging, the Sith Lord dropped down into the seat across from Danya.

        "A drink... alright, JD then, I'll pay," he said, glancing about for a service droid.


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          Danya smiled and nodded slightly.

          "I'll have a JD also....whatever it is....."

          She had never heard of the drink before and wondered if she would like it or not. Suddenly a small little machine that seemed....alive....approached their table and beeped a few times. It was quite an annoying sound, but she guessed that it was here for a purpose, perhaps to take their orders? The woman looked up at Vega and waited to see what he was to do with the...machine creature....


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            He allowed for a moment of silence, wondering whether she would order. Seeing that quite obviously wasn't going to happen, he did so himself.

            "R5, two JD's," he said to the little droid, who rolled off after having collected some credits from the Sith Lord.

            "So, Argent," Vega said, looking back up to Danya as he leant back in his chair.

            "You never seen a droid before or something?"


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              Danya's suspicions were affirmed when he ordered the drinks from the...machine. That was its purpose and obviously it was quite an intelligent little being. She smiled through a little embarassment and looked up at Vega. The woman was quite surprised when he called her by her last name.....that too was foreign to her. She shook her head in reply to his question and blushed.

              "No...I haven't. Why, was I supposed to or something?"

              She questioned, wondering if she was the only one who had never seen the thing that he called a droid. The word was funny to her and she repeated it several times in her head to get it right. Everything here was so strange to her....


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                "I thought it was common practice to have them almost every where in the galaxies," he said, settling his arms out on the table infront of him.

                "It's unusual for a person to not have come in contact with them, in my opinion ..."

                He fell silent.

                " ... If you don't mind me askign, where exactly did you grow up?"


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                  Danya looked at the tabletop for a moment and sighed.

                  "In the...slums, on Coruscant. It was terrible.....the family I was with was not even mine....they tried to dump me off at every chance they got. They knew I was too powerful for them to keep me under their control. Obviously the family I truly belong to didn't want me either..."

                  She looked back up at Vega and smiled slightly. Thinking for a moment about the driod....she sighed once again and shook her head.

                  "I guess I'm one in a million who have never seen one of those before....I never saw much. They kept me locked up for a while, until they discovered that even that wouldn't keep me in. I could always break the locks by some....strange means. They said I had some kind of...power..., and that because I killed a man and liked it, that I was a freak...."

                  The woman paused and looked up at Vega, hoping in her heart that he would not view her as a freak or something like it....


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                    "An interesting back... I suppose if you were secluded like you say it might have been difficult for your to come into contact with droids," he said with a slight nod.

                    The small bot rolled back and placed the two drinks on the
                    table top. Vega took his and handed the other to Danya,

                    "I wouldn't worry though, it's not essential knowledge to have, bots and all."


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                      Danya nodded slightly and smiled to herself, glad that he did not think of her as a freak. She took the glass in her hand and eyed the cool liquid. It looked alright....and she hoped it tasted good. She looked across at Vega and held up her glass in front of her.

                      "How about a toast beginnings?"

                      She said, hoping that this place would be hers. She had yet to be accepted into the Empire, but her heart hoped so...for it was her destiny....


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                        With a light shrug he rose his glass and nodded.

                        "To new beginnings, and the furthering of old purposes," he said, before knocking back half of the bottle.


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                          Danya nodded and smiled coldly. She took a swig of her drink and set it on the table top. was good. The taste was refreshing and unlike anything she had ever had. She genuinly liked it....a lot.

                          "This is great....thank you. So....tell me about yourself, I don't even know your name yet."

                          She said softly, trying to bring up a new topic to avoid any awkward moments.


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                            "My name is Vega.. Vega Van-Derveld," he said as he sat down the bottle on the table.

                            "24. Sith Lord. Been here two or so years now, I believe," Vega said with a nod.


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                              Danya smiled and simply nodded.

                              "I'm Danya Argent....but you know that already. I am 24...and hoping to be accepted into this great Empire."

                              It was odd that they were the same age....but perhaps not to strange. She had not had a lot of exposure to strangers...for everyone that she had ever met was a friend of her "family". She either liked someone...or wished to kill him. It seemed to her that Vega had made it onto her good list....the very good list....