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  • Unpredictability (Paige)

    Tempist entered Rama's, and walked twards his usuial table. He was to meet one of the new admits here, the new shapeshifter. With Ravana's recent death, they were the only two shifters left in the Empire, he was the last 'manufactured' one. He whistled to himself as he waited.

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    Paige stood outside of Rama's, staring at the crumpled piece of paper she had received from Tempist. It told her to meet him here, where they would officially meet. Over and over she had crinkled it up in her hands, only to smooth it out and stare at the scribbled ink. For once, somebody actually wished to see her .. Quickly shoving the paper in her ragged coat's pocket, she pushed the doors open and walked in. Rama's may have seen some tattered and rugged clothes before seen on a dirty face, but probably not like this. She didn't even know where her rooms were.

    Her eyes flickered over the bar's inhabitants until they rested on Tempist, the one who sent for her. Shoving both of her hands in her pockets, Paige silently walked over to him.


    Her voice rasped as she spoke to him.

    "You wanted to see me?"

    Nervously her fingers wrapped themselves around the note in her pocket. What if it wasn't for her? What if he meant for somebody else to meet him, and she had just intercepted it?


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      He gave her a low smile, and noded.

      "Good evening Miss Rayna, have a seat."

      He waved his hand, and pulled out a chair for her through the force. He seemed to do that alot latley, but it helped him gain control over his abilities, as well as be polite to his guests. He waved a droid over, and ordered a glass of water.

      "Would you like anything?"


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        Obviously the note was meant for her. Accepting the seat he offered, Paige sat down with a nervous look on her face.

        ".. Do they serve .. Goat's milk ?"

        She asked rather hesitantly.


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          Tempist gave a small grin at her question, as the droid took down her order as she said it.

          "This is Rama's.... if you can't find a drink here, then it dosn't exist."

          He shifted his weight in the chair slightly, and spoke again.

          "So, tell me of yourself. What kind of shifter are you?"


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            "There's only one kind ..."

            Paige's voice trailed off uncertainly.

            "Isn't there ...? Well, unless you were experimented on.. In that case, I'm a natural shifter.. The ones that old legends speak about."


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              He arched an eyebrow at her comment. He hadn't been experemented on, he was the end result of one.... after three generations.

              "Ahh, so I am still unique..." he said with a slight chuckle in his tone. "The legends speak of aspects that natural shifters have, what is your's, if you don't mind my asking?"


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                "What do you think mine is?"

                Paige started to feel uneasy about this whole thing. Did he think that shapeshifters were "magical"? In a way they were, but what exactly did he want to know? As her muslces started to tense, she watched him carefully.


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                  "To be honest, I have no idea. You are the first shifter outside of my family that I've ever met."

                  He sensed uneasiness in her, but said nothing about it. He didn't want her to feel uncomortable around him, and if he adressed it, it would probably get worse.


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                    "Well, um .. We morph. Into our soul beast."

                    Sighing slightly, she leaned back in her chair, chewing on her lower lip.


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                      Tempist thought about what she had said, and a small smile came to his face.

                      "Wow, I feel bad for people with mice sould beasts... what is your's, if you don't mind my asking?"


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                        At his remark about the mice, Paige chuckled. He didn't seem so bad, afterall.

                        "Mine is the wolf .."

                        She was about to further her words when the droid rolled over with their drinks, handing her the goat milk and Tempist his water. She picked up her mug and took a small sip, then set it back down rather hurridly. At the same time, she turned her head to the side and spit out what little she had in her mouth.

                        "Ugh .."

                        Glancing back at Tempist, she realized that her reaction was probably never seen in the Empire, and her face reddened.

                        ".. It doesn't taste .. fresh."


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                          "It's alright, that happens from time to time."

                          He waved the droid back, and gave it very specific orders this time.

                          "A fresh glass of goat's milk, one that dosn't expire untill the week after this one."

                          He then addressed Paige again.

                          "A wolf? Better than most, a very powerful creature. You are indeed lucky."


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                            Paige watched as the droid rolled away then turned her attention back to Tempist.

                            "You could say so .."


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                              After a short silence, Tempist shifted in his seat and finally thought of somthing to say.

                              "So... umm... do you have any family?"