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  • A Time To Party...

    :: The Lord of Darkness enters Rama's much as he always did, dark and dramatic, but this time he came not to be alone. He wanted to party like the good old days, the days when Rama partied ::

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    "Always one for the overly dramatic entrances, ey Phantom?"

    Vega approached his good friend, the Lord fo Darkness, with a lopsided smile on his face. He gave a mock salute then folded his arms over his chest, glancing about.

    "What're we celebrating for tonight then?"


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      :: Phantom grins as he hears his old friends voice ::

      Ah, you know me Vega, I always enter with dramatics. I just wanna have a Party, like the ones in the old days.


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        "Well then. You will need the essential supplies."

        Vega held up one hand with three fingers up.

        "Drink. Violence. Women."

        One by one he folded the fingers down as he sounded off what they needed. He dark darkly to his friend, laughing slightly.


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          :: Phantom grinned as Vega listed the key items for any good party ::

          Indeed, but it seems I do not have as much pull as I used too.


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            "No? Finding the women just seem to be pre-occupied?"

            Vega laughed to himself.

            "Perhaps their minds are on other men of the Empire," he said with a grin, gesturing down at himself.


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              "Are you sure about that?"

              [i]Jezbella had overheard their chat and decided to join in on it. Stepping out from the shadows,a smug grin tugging at the corner of her lips,she took a few quick strides to arrive at the side of Vega<i/>

              "Hope you won't think me rude. Do you mind if I join the conversation?"


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                :: The Phantom smiled as Vega made his comment, but his eyes soon jetted to the side, where the young woman exited the shadows. He gave her a slight smile as well as a nod, he motioned for her to join them ::

                Please do...


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                  Vega smiled slightly as the girl appeared - he recognised her as one of Athena's apprentices.

                  "Do join us ... after all, old Phantom here needs some company."

                  He laughed - it was obvious that he was just messing around.


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                    Zena ambled into the tavern, wishing to relax from a hard days training. Noting the three incumbents with a nod, she took a seat at the middle of the bar.

                    "Corellian ale, Barkeep. They worked me hard today. And I thought training with the Mercenaries was an arduous toil."

                    The bartender slid her the drink none too gracefully, as her face was tickled by a slight splash of the amber foam. Zena devoured the spirit halfway down, drowning her aching muscles with each savory swallow. She turned towards the others reinstating her previous exasperatd bearing with an animated beam. Her arctic blue eyes widened with anticipation, forecasting festivities in the making.

                    "I smell a party being concocted. Mind if I join you all?"


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                      :: Phantom laughed as Vega called him old ::

                      Ah, but Vega your not much younger then I.

                      :: Phantom laughed some more. He nodded to Zena as she walked to the bar and then again as she approched the table. A chair moved out before her, he motioned for her to sit ::

                      Not at all...


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                        Zena nodded, taking a seat.

                        "I am Zena, greetings, all."


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                          :: Phantom stands up halfway, bowing to Zena ::

                          I am called Darth Phantom or Phantom


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                            :: Phantom stands up halfway, bowing to Zena ::

                            I am called Darth Phantom or Phantom

                            :: He sat back down and smiled slightly. He takes another sip of his whiskey ::

                            Are you not also a Apprentice of Master Jedah?


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                              Athena made her way into Rama's. She could normally be found there at night now. She noticed Phantom and Vega, then she saw Jez and Zena.

                              " Party with out me? "

                              She walked up and smiled at the gathering of four. She leaned on Vega's shoulder as she looked at the other three.