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How stronge are the drinks here......

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  • How stronge are the drinks here......

    ::Verse makes his way to the bar. His long blond hair almost touchs the ground. It was years of growth in it. The drinks at GJO had lost there kick. Verse had just drank way to much of them he supossed. Time to try and get something a bit stronger. He had heard that the local brew, JD, was a good drink. Maybe they had something even stronger than that.::

    "I would like the strongest thing you got here."

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    *he hears an almost familar voice behind him*
    I don't think you could handle the strongest thing we have here, Garou.
    *Daetana looked at his back with narrowed eyes, a sneer on her lips*

    So, this is Verse Dawnstrider? I am quite unimpressed.


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      Sieken wacthed from a few tables away the Jedi making his way in and Miss Jinn talking to him, it would be intresting to watch.

      'Scum' Sieken mutterd


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        ::Verse just shrugs::

        "I don't even think it is possible for Garou to get drunk. Our healing system prevents that."

        ::Verse sniffed the air. Cocking his head to the side, Verse rubs his goatee. His grey eyes seemed deep in thought.::

        "Your Dae's Sister are you not? I thought all of you were dead."


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          Danya had watched an attractive man enter the bar....but she was quickly aware that he was a Jedi. Smiling coldly, she walked up and stood beside Dae...whom she did not know.

          "Greetings Jedi scum.....why do you enter the Sith bar? How foolish....or stupid, you must be."

          She scoffed and sat down on the empty stool beside him. The young woman ordered a JD, which she had the pleasure of trying yesterday with Vega...and it was quickly brought to her. She gulped down half of it and turned to the Jedi.

          "Can you really handle your liquor?"

          She said in a seductive way....though she was just playing around. Turning back to her drink, she finished it and ordered another. She smiled and from the sides he could visibly see her elongated canines....


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            Xavier slowly moves into Rama's just in time to hear Danya's comment. He walks behind her and leans in, whispering quietly.

            "Be careful. Picking a fight with him would not be the smartest idea for you do act on with the little training you have.."

            He smirks and keeps walking to the back of the bar. He sits down at an empty table, leaning back against the wall and propping his feet upon the table, his right ankle crossed over his left.


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              Danya listened to the man's comment, recalling how she had met him when she was waiting to be accepted to the Empire. He had questioned her, and seemed to like her answers. She turned around and glanced at him, bowing her head slightly.

              Thank you....

              She spoke in his mind. It was odd.....she had some simple Force abilities such as telepathy......but she had no training. Verse did not know that, though....and besides, she was not looking for a fight.


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                :: A light chuckle echoes from the Shadows of the bar, where it is known that the Lord of Darkness himself sits ::

                " Verse's my dear friend, why do you continuously tempt your fate? Do you not have better things to do .... Such as trying to keep your family members alive? "

                :: Two bright red eyes cut through the darkness as a shiver is sent down the spines of the weak hearted. A Dark and Sinister presence radiates from the Darkness ::


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                  Re: How strong are the drinks here......

                  Nikka's dark auburn eyebrows slowly raised as she glanced over at Phantom from her nearby table after seeing a Jedi enter the bar. She grinned, suddenly feeling the darkness from within the room escalate at the presence of the Jedi...

                  "This should be interesting."

                  She leaned back in her chair, sipping on her drink occasionally and watched intently...


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                    ::Verse's ears caught Xavier's words. The Garou sniffed the air. A Lupine female. A runt. Did she not even know her and Verse were the same race? Verse just smiled. Odds were the Jedi could take everyone here on with little problem. All but Phantom. He would be the only challenge. The only one that may be able to take him. The rest here were Warriors or lower, with the expection of Sieken.

                    Verse just grinned at Danya showing his long canines. His were much longer though. They had 60 years of growth. She would not know that though. He only looked 25, and he had 400-500 more years of life left in him. Did he just attract trouble? It was like a freaking magnet. He turned to face Phantom.::

                    "Phantom. Come on now. We ar epast threats. I have seen you at GJO's bar and you were treated well. Besides, My children can take care of themselves. Xazor is a decent Jedi and Chaos is a member here at TSE. Those two are big kids now."


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                      Danya sighed to herself. Damn.....all of the goodlooking men are taken....even though he is a Jedi... She had to admit, he wasn't that bad. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed his elongated canines. Of course, she had smelled the Garou in him...but did not say anything. She looked at him and decided to be civil, afterall, he was causing no problems....yet.

                      "So, you're Garou also?"

                      She questioned curiously, knowing the answer was of course, yes...but it was her attempt to start a conversation.


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                        Hate to disappoint you, but some of us Jinns have brains, we don't fall in love with horrible jedi then go off and get ourselves killed for soft reasons.
                        *makes a low growl and sits at a table in the corner, never taking her eyes off Verse, thinking to herself "What the hell was she thinking???"*


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                          :: The Sith Lord smiled deeply as he felt the presence of his dear and lovely friend MIss DarkStorm ::

                          " Verse my old friend, how are you? Still a Jedi I can sadly see, but who knows with time and the proper ... modivation you might reconsider. "

                          :: Phantom grinned as he took a drink ::

                          " Gah, Garou's, everyone knows Undead is the only way to go. "


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                            "No challenge at the Tse for you huh Verse? Well Im glad I showed up." Dalamar pushed a Tankard of Jack to Verse. "Lets see who last's longer." The Warlord said. Raising his tankard with both hands Dalamar smiled with a wicked grin "Here's to you." The whole group watched for a full 5 minutes as the Vampyre drank. "Ahh good, stuff"
                            Looking at Verse the Vamp spoke "Go ahead Verse I won't bite" talking playfully but ready for anything none the less the Warlord nodded. Dalamar looked around and saw the other guests. He bowed to the ladies "Oh forgive me my manners bartender a drink for everyone please, thank you."
                            Dalamar reached over and punched a hole in Verse's tankard with his finger "For you Verse." "Bottoms up." Buuuurp oh, excuse me where have my manner gone so sorry." Again the Warlord smiled the gleam from his teeth sparkling in the night light.


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                              ::Verse only could smile.::

                              "I think Dae may have had more brains. Alas, she is gone now. That makes me very SINGLE."

                              ::Verse had to push that point. He was one of the biggest flirts GJO had to offer. The only ones worse than him was his best friend Liam Jinn, and my own children. He has to keep his eyes open.::

                              "The Dark Side would not work for me Phantom. I don't have the heart to hate. I live for battle, but hate is not what I am about. Chaos is that side of teh family. He has enough hate for me, him, you, and most everyone here."

                              ::Verse turned to the Tankard that was before him. He started to drink it. He used teh Force to increase his healing system. Ina few minutes he drained it all.::

                              "Now that is good. What is that stuff?"