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Another Night In The Bar (open to whomever)

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  • Another Night In The Bar (open to whomever)

    *It was another night, and Daetana Jinn was in Ramas' bar once again. She knew that Trace was taken now, and didn't really blame him. She had been gone for a long time, and they both had to move on. It meant she was free to have fun, and she intended to. She walked into the bar that night, smiling, no cloak, and sat down at her usual spot.* Tall Voddy, please.

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    Sieken struted in, his sercasem so expessive it showed on his face as plain as day.

    He trotted down the steps into the bar area, weaving in and out of the tables sometimes bardging afew customers out of the way and pushing them down to the floor, genrally making a show of himself and drawing attention. A huge grin across his face made others know he knew what he was up to.

    He made it to the bar as everyone picked themself up and such. 'JD with Ice..make it snappy!' The bar-bot took off in a spin and gave him the drink moments later.

    'Wow' His face cathing the sight of a dark colored haired woman, his eyebrows raised as if he was a beast on the prowel hunting for a mate.

    'Should be intresting' he said waling towards her table.


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      *raises an eyebrow as she watches Sieken make his way through the bar. Smirks as he begins walking to her table.*

      Why, hello there. Aren't we the tough sithy man, picking on patrons like that?
      *smiles warmly at him* Care to join me?