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Let the losers die.

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  • Let the losers die.

    :: she sat alone in Rama's Bar, she watched as patrons came in and got drunk then left. She was glad that noone came to her table, that was until some drukard came and knocked into her, spilling her drink on her new clothes ::

    *growls* YOU FINK!

    :: the short blonde Garou woman got up from her seat and glowered at the much taller patron who was blubbering about buying her a new drink and paying to get her clothes cleaned ::


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    Xavier slowly and quietly slides into Rama's. His hands slip back through his hair as he glances around for a moment. He tosses the bottom corners of his trenchcoat back slightly as he cracks his neck and moves to the bar.

    "Correllian Ale."

    The service droid nods and gets the ale quickly. Xavier takes a long drink from it and sets the glass down, glancing about for a moment.


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      **Sukura stood with her arms rested on the counter of the bar. A smirk slinked along her lips as she heard the Young woman besides her yell at the half drunk fool stubbing his toes on each and every chair. She turned and faced in the direction of the woman and walked towards her with an odd certain sort of grace for someone of her seven foot tall frame. As she neared the girl she plunked herself down in a chair and grinned one of her famous grins...**

      "You know, Love...Yelling at them never helps..." **She laughed bitterly**

      "Because there stupid men, they haven't a clue when to stop drinking and when to start being well...Not drunk.." **She said smoothly**

      "Are you new here...or are you returning for just a small visit..?"

      "My name is Sukura Carme, last of that line...So to speak"


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        :: Hoshi turned to woman talking to her, and smiled ::

        I'm a Sith, but not of this group....I'm Hoshino Shikyo.....

        :: Hoshi turned to the drunk attempting to leave, she grabbed him by the throat and muttered a threat to him before letting him go, she turns back to Sukura and sits back down ::

        Yes, men can be stupid creatures Miss Carme...I agree with you on that...