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  • ::drinks alone::

    She took a small sip from her glass, looking around her husband's establishment.

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    <Came the soft voice from the Sith Disciple. She looked at the woman curiously, knowing that she had seen her somewhere before .. Not to mention a powerful, dark aura was radiating from the woman.>


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      "Hello," she said giving the girl a nod. "How does this day find you?"


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        He walked into Rama's Corner slowly, a cloak wrapped around his body, a hood concealing a pair of dark red eyes. Stepping up to the bar he ordered his usual, a Killian's Red. As he started to take the first sip, something caught his attention. A presence in the Dark Side he hadn't felt for a long...long time. Turning his head, his eyes searched through Rama's Corner until he saw her. His former Master, Nuriko Sha.

        "What should I say to her...?" he thought to himself.

        Turning from the bar, he walked towards where she sat. He pulled back the hood of his cloak, and approached her table.

        "May I seat down, Master Nuriko?"


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          :: Rama watched as other apporached his wife from across the room. Seemed she always drew a crowd. He would have gone over, but he had her to himself for most of time and so letting some others talk to her might be good for them..........and her. She still hadn't returned fully to herself yet since her return, maybe this would help ::


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            She looks up at her former apprentice, recognizing him immediately. She pulled out a chair. "Feel free...."


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              He sat down quietly in the chair, taking a small sip from his drink.

              "How have you been since the last time I saw you?"


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                "Different." She took another drink. "How does your training go?"


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                  He gave a nod of his head and took another sip from his bottle.

                  "It's going good. I was promoted to Warrior a while back, and have since been training with Master Dalethria.."

                  He took the last sip from his drink, and sat the empty bottle on a passing droid.

                  "It's been...different, since you've left. Although I'm sure your decision was the right one, I've somewhat missed seeing you here."


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                    "Dalethria?" she asks somewhat surprised. "She has since left the Empire, hasn't she?"


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                      He nodded once as a responce.

                      "Yes, she has."


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                        "And... is she still your master?"