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    **The blood on her hands and the wild look in her eyes was the only thing that kept people from telling the young child that she could not go into the bar. Few of the patrons that were sitting around drinking that night were the same that had witnessed the murder of the drunk man a few weeks ago when she had last entered and had destroyed the man with the disciple, Salem Ave.
    The blood on her hands this time however, belonged to family. Her brother. She normally would have retreated to one of the many libraries in the Empire, but she knew better. That would be the first place her father would look for her, and although she did not fear the man, Takai knew better than to let oneself be an open target to a Sith Lord's wrath.
    As she sat at one of the booths and wiped her hands on her black skirt, a droid came over; she asked it politely to bring her a glass of water.

    She looked down and poked at the table with the small knife that had done the damage, letting her brother's blood drip into the table.**

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    After having searched the various places he would normally have expected his daughter to flee to, ranging from the libraries of the Empire to her uncle's dormitory, the Sith Lord had just about given up before passing by the entrance to Rama's Corner, the last of places he would expect her to be in, but not the most shocking of them. Turning back towards Rama's, Varlon entered as he would if he were coming to sit down for wine, as he now often did. This way, if his daughter did spot him, she would hopefully not react unfavourably and panic the patrons of the bar. Grumbing to himself slightly, the Lord slowly approached his normal booth, scanning over the crowds as best he could without making it seem as if he was searching for his daughter in particular.

    Damnit Takai, this is the last time I let you go unpunished for fighting with your brother... He scowled to himself mentally.


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      **It did not take the droid long to return to her with her water. Upon feeling a familiar presence she was suddenly glad she was small enough to not really be able to be noticed. Her constant mental barriers were enough to keep her force signature from being felt, and the shadows concealed her physically.
      If a confrontation arose, she would deal with it. But for right now, she had to somewhat congratulate herself for doing the most amount of damage to her brother that she could without having to send him to the medbay. Most of it was psychological anyway. And even if she got in trouble for attacking him physically, she would still be able to slowly destroy the weaker child. Afterall, she had learned how to invade his dreams...
      A smirk appeared on her young face for a second before returning to the unusual emotionless mask that no other child ever seemed to posses before.**


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        After throwing a few patrons from his booth, Varlon sat down and promptly ordered a bottle of merlot wine, his usual drink. While he had not noticed her when he walked in and came to his booth, the seat he sat in offered one of the best views within Rama's Corner over the whole of the bar, which would allow him to spot his daughter if he needed to. After transacting a payment for his drink with the serving droid, the Sith Lord poured himself a glass of the rich red liquor and smirked to himself. You know as well as I do, my daughter, that you cannot hide from me forever. And by hiding from me, you only increase the punishment that I shall be handing down. He thought to himself before sipping his wine, savouring its taste.


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          **There were days Takai loathed herself. The abilities she possessed but could not control liked to betray her constantly. This was about to be no different.

          As her fingertips touched the glass of water, it was instantaneous. The water itself seemed to press itself down, expanding from the sides and breaking the glass. What started out as a crack quickly turned into shards that shot across the room with ridiculous force.
          On instinct Takai had grabbed her small black backpack and ducked down out of the way. However, the patrons sitting to her right had not been so lucky.
          Normally the young girl would have found this amusing, how they screamed and tried to grab at the pieces of glass that had found homes in their body parts as blood oozed from the wounds onto their fingers as they frantically pulled the pieces loose. However, with her father present, it was far less humorous.**


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            Pulling his glass away from his face, the Lord seemed to suddenly become more aware of his surroundings as the piercing crack of glass rang through the air, quickly followed by the panicked and confused wails of wounded patrons. Setting down his wine glass, Varlon stood up and began to make his way over to the group which had caught his attention. Well, Takai, it would appear your fledgling control over the Force has betrayed you. Varlon thought to himself as he approached, shoving a hysterical man from his path.


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              **She grumbled slightly at her luck and sat up, pulling the glass that had embedded itself in the wall to her left. She shoved the fragments into her pack and then put the small black bag on her lap and simply sat, staring at the seat across from her, awaiting judgement.**


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                "Takai Rei Konrad," He practically shouted as he kneeled down by her, the anger seeping into his voice as he looked deeply into her eyes, the same ones he had once shuddered when looking into. "You know that I have repeatedly requested of you that you not try and harm, nor mutilate your brother in these little 'sibling rivalry' fights of yours, as well as come here to this bar where scum, perverts, and other filth often travel.

                "Why is it that you continue to disobey my wishes?" His voice now was clearly inflected with tones of anger and displeasure, and he was not afraid to show his daughter that he was upset with her.


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                  **A wicked smirk once again showed itself for only an instant. Takai closed her eyes and inhaled deeply before letting the breath out slowly. She opened her eyes and locked them again with those of her father.**

                  "Because I feed off your anger.."


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                    Varlon blinked slightly before glaring at his daughter. "You do realize such a loose tongue can be just as deadly as ignorance, my daughter?" He hissed, clearly angrier with her than a mere moment ago. "Now, if you wish to continue having the kind of freedoms that I've granted you in your childhood, you will recognize, and respect the rules I have laid down for you and your brother. These are to see to it that you do not go causing unneccissary trouble, or get yourselves hurt for doing something stupid.

                    "I will not be holding you accountable for this small mishap here, but you will answer to the charges of which you are guilty of, Takai."


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                      **Her gaze returned to the seat in front of her. Her expression was sickeningly emotionless. Her voice completely monotone.**


                      **She was laughing on the inside. Laughing at her father's attitude. He had never had much control over his children and when he acted like he did, it always made a sick, twisted, sadistic side of her laugh. The laughter was maddening, a contagious disease that took over the rest of her mind. However, thanks to the mental blocks that kept people from reading her thoughts, no one knew or ever heard the laughter. The fact her face was like stone did not help either.**


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                        "Now, get your things," Varlon said as he stood up and looked down on her before glaring at the patrons whom took it upon themselves to stare. "We're going back home for now, and I don't want to hear any complaints. You're in a lot of trouble already for avoiding me, and yet more for starting the mess."


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                          "...I never complain to you."

                          **Some might have seen the comment as rude and uncalled for. However, Varlon could not even deny the fact that what she said was the truth. She stood up and grabbed the small black pack she always carried with her and waited to see if her father would continue to attempt to act like a parent, or simply take her home as he had "threatened" to do.**


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                            "Well," He slightly growled. "What are you waiting on, Takai? Didn't I make myself clear?"


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                              **The girl who appeared to be about 9 or 10 years old muttered slightly and started walking towards the exit of the bar. She felt somewhat humiliated, but she knew no one was laughing. At least that was somewhat of a comfort.**