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  • Seeking Saharia.....

    Xazor entered Rama's Corner....a place too familiar to her by this time. Smiling to herself, she walked right to the back corner of the bar and sat down, bathing herself in the shadows. Looking about, the Jedi Knight did not see whom she was looking for that particular evening, but she knew that the woman called Saharia would be there tonight. A server droid made its way to her table and she smiled as she thought about what was good.

    "I'll have a flask of JD.....the strongest you have...."

    She did not have to worry about getting drunk, for her Garou healing powers would not allow it. The Knight looked around once again....then leaned back to remain a bit hidden. The silver specks in her deep blue eyes appeared to stand out the most....catching the light of the dim candle that sat and burned at the old table. Xazor had recieved a message from her Father that this woman whom she had met with a while back....was looking for her once again.....tonight, they would meet.....

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    ::Saharia walked towards Xazor, seeign she had gotte the message and sat down beside her, ordering a jawa juice. She half smiled at Xazor and took the drink, replacing the area the drink had been with the appropriate credits::

    I am pleased to see you came.

    ::She took out her saber and put it onto the bench, symbolizing that she meant no harm or danger tonight and awaited for Xazor to do the same::


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      Xazor looked up to see Saharia coming her way. She greeted the woman with a friendly smile and made room for her to sit. She did so and ordered a drink, then placed her saber on the bench. Obviously she wished for Xazor to do the same. It was uncommon for the Jedi Knight to take her weapon from her belt unless in battle...but she did so anyway, laying it on the bench beside her so that no one had the chance to take it. Of course, Xazor had meant no harm to Saharia....she was simply here to meet her request to see her.

      "Greetings're looking well. What was it you wished to see me about?"

      She questioned gently, a curious aire about her voice as she eyed the Sith woman.


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        ::Saharia nodded towards Xazor then looked around at the people in the bar, before returning her attention to the jedi, her mind voice, only for Xazor to hear::

        From the last talk, you know of my stance to the jedi. I do not believe in their ways, but I believe there is a balance. And though if it were a jedi who I was attacking I would have no problem killing all, but you interested me. You have guts I will tell you, and you have a way to deal with both sides.
        My one goal is to rid this world of the lies the jedi thread, but considering this balance I wish to make a slight agreement with one of the jedi.
        Even though in battle I will not refuse to fight you, or vice versa, I thought we could have an agreement that when one must work together, it would be peaceful and non-aggressive. The only time I would show you my cold side would be in battle. I know of many sith who hate jedi, and although many of them make my nasty side come through, I see no fault in being civil.

        ::Finished with her words she awaited xazors answer::


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          Xazor listened to the words that Saharia spoke in her head. She smiled and took a sip of her drink which was brought to her while the Sith woman spoke. Setting it back on the table, she nodded slightly.

          I agree with you....there are some Jedi who teach that the Sith are out to get us no matter what, but I have found this to be a lie. If I do something to deserve the thrashing of a Sith...then it was coming. I believe in civility as well......I have spoken with several Sith here at the Empire, most all of which have shown me respect and have been decent. If it is what you wish, I will accept this little compromise...agreement whatever you wish to call it. I wish this was the way with everything. We can work together, but in battle.....I understand.....

          She replied in the woman's mind. Others looked at them sometimes...knowing that they were having a private conversation. Xazor simply smiled and took a sip of her JD....this had turned out to be quite an interesting evening....


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            ::Saharia noticed some people were looking and looked eahc person in the eye until they looked away then returned her attention to Xazor, nodding::

            I'm glad it is agreed. If you need a favour that does not require anything that goes against the sith codes or honour, and is just between two people, then you know who to call.
            I'm sorry I dragged you over here to the sith bar, but I rather dislike going to the jedi bar, in case I might bump into an unwanted presence. Are you hungry?


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              Xazor nodded and smiled gently.

              This is a nice thing.....I think that others should explore this type of agreement between one another. I shall remember who to ask for when I need something....and you do the same....

              She said in Saharia's mind. Smiling at the mention of food, she nodded.

              "Oh yes, I haven't had anything to eat since breakfast....I have been so busy today...."

              The Knight said with a bit of a laugh. She was on the go so much....eating just wasn't part of her schedule anymore.....


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                ::Saharia nodded to the droid and she ordered a salad sandwich, and gestured for Xazor to order::

                There was once a people in my land who had civil wars, but every saturday they would have a rest day, and would play a ballgame and picnic with one another. A strange people, but it makes sense in a sort of way.
                This did not mean they were great friends or they did not hate each other, some refused to join in because of thier feelings. They fought and killed, and gave thier own lives because they believed in something greater than their own lives. I believe in chaos and darkness, you believe in light, and other things we will probably never agree with.

                ::Saharia smiled and sipped her drink whe she heard the droid beeped, still waiting, and Saharia looked at it, she hadnt noticed it still there. Putting the credits owed on its tray she looked at Xazor::

                I hear you've gotten married. Congratulations.


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                  Xazor heard the woman's words in her mind and she listened carefully. It was a most interesting story that she told.

                  That is quite an interesting scenario...I must say. My people were like that too. On the planet Eden where I was born...many tribes of Garou and cat-like creatures...quite like the Cizerack, inhabited the surface. They hated one another for one reason or the next...they fought on the battlefield, but would drink in the bars together in peace. An odd thing, but logical I suppose...

                  She smiled then when Saharia mentioned her wedding. Indeed, it was a wonderful time and she was so happy with Shade...

                  "Yes, I have gotten married recently. I thank you for your blessing..."

                  The Knight said with a gentle smile. It was good to have her as a....friend...if you will. Saharia was a nice person...but Xazor knew that when it was time to battle, she would unleash the inevitable darkness that lived within her....


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                      OOC: well its no big secret anyway.

                      ::Saharia smiled softly, knowing somehow they both knew where they stood when the time came. Sipping her drink she noted a sith glaring at the jedi and smiled at the sith pleasantly, then put the glass down and nodded at xazor::

                      When in war, there is also a certain moments of peace

                      ::To her it made a lot of sense, but she had grown up in a very different universe from many others. Studying Xazor she saw a happiness there::

                      And who is this man that makes you happy? It is a lucky thing to find the partner you wish to spend rest of life with.