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    ::Lyra takes a seat at the bar, looking around (and up in the rafters...) for familiar faces. She thinks to herself, "It's been so long since I've shown my face around here--I wonder if anyone remembers me?" She sighs and orders a tall, cold ale and sips it slowly, continuing her train of thought, "And I hope, If I do see anyone I know, that I'll know how to address them correctly--everyone has moved on and up the ranks..." She grins a bit to herself, thinking of her own lowly status--one she hasn't been in any hurry to change. Then she thinks about Bio--there last conversations had been more than interesting, but ended abruptly. She gazes, somewhat morosely into her drink, lost in her thoughts.::

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    OOC: I'm assuming this is open. If not, let me know and I'll remove it.

    Daegal strode quickly into the bar that he had seen so many times before. After getting a glass of red wine from the serving droid, he looked around for any familar faces to converse with over his drink. Gazing further down the bar, Daegal noticed someone that he had not seen in a while, a fellow apprentice of Master Shadowtide. He approached her slowly and spoke softly, announcing his arrival.

    "Greetings, Lyra. It's been a long time."


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      "Greetings Daegal." she answers with a smile. She looks up at the Sith Knight and indicates the empty chair by her side, "sit if you like and tell me what's new in your life.."


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        "Well for a start, he's a Knight..."

        *Lyra and Daegal both look behind them to see the fellow Warrior with his hat down in the dark part of the bar. Getting up, he walked over to both of them*

        "Glad to see your a Knight Daegal...sorry I missed out on your ascesndion...probably had alot of comments no?"

        *Bi0 punched Daegal in the arm in a friendly manner. Not enough to show jealously, but of friendship. Bi0 didn't wait for a reply though as he walked over to the opposite side of Lyra and sat down next to her left side*

        "Hey have things been lately".


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          ::Lyra's face lights up when she hears Bio's voice. She turns to greet him and laughs, "I know he's a knight! I didn't see you in that dark corner down there -- but I'm glad you decided to join us. ::


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            :: A young woman dressed in traditional all black Sith clothing enters the bar and looks at the surrounding room. She observes many beings moving around or talking with others at the bar counter or sitting at the tables in the dimly lit corners of the bar. Kekoa walks towards a group of TSE members gathered at the bar and soon recognizes three Apprentices from Master Dara Shadowtide. She stops her forward motion as Sith Disciple Lyra, Sith Knight Daegal and Sith Warrior Bi0 turn about. Kekoa drops to one knee quickly, giving each of them a deserved formal greeting. ::

            :: Kekoa was accustomed to showing this type of greeting towards beings she respects. She swiftly rose up to stand once again after Sith Knight Daegal gestured her to do so. Kekoa grinned a bit before remarking, “Hello Bi0, Daegal and Lyra. An honor to meet you all. Mind if I join you?” ::

            Kekoa had briefly seen Lyra at Tides of Darkness in the Training center, but she had not spoken with Lyra since that time.


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              *Bi0 gave a approving nod in Kekoa's direction*

              "Theres a saying that goes "The more the merrier". So I'm sure we'd be glad to have you join us..."

              *Bi0 flagged down a BAD Unit*

              "I'll have just a glass of cold water"

              *Looks at the others*

              "If you want drinks, say it now while I got this little droids attention".


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                :: Lyra nods at Kekoa, and orders another ale from the droid. ::


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                  : Loki walks over: greetings, can I sit here?


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                    OOC: Loki? I thought you were VJ. <img src= ALT=":lol">


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                      Sorry bout that. : VJ walks over: Can I sit here?


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                        OOC: No worries or apologies needs. Also you can edit your posts whenever you make a mistake so you don't need to acknowlege annoying OOC remarks like mine or make another post. ^_^


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                          :: Returns a nod back to Lyra and Bi0. Then, she looked at Daegal before taking a seat next to him at the bar. Hearing Bi0 call the service droid, Kekoa soon placed her order. "One Dark Sith Ale" ::


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                            *Sitting next to Lyra, Bi0 played with a few strands of her hair*

                            "How is Master Shadowtide been fairing Lyra?"


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                              :: Enjoying the familiarity of it, she lets Bio play with her hair and answers, "She's busy as always; I don't see her much unless she has business with me, but she seems well when I do see her." ::